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Yukon Moose Ends Long, Painful Curse

by Curt Wells 0

How deep was the water? I wondered. Could I jump out of the boat, dog-paddle while holding my bowstring in… more »

Field Dressing

Simple Steps to Gutless Field Dressing

by Curt Wells 0

So, you’ve found yourself standing over a bull elk, a caribou, or even a moose. Your heart is still pounding… more »


Blueprint to a Better Hunting Arrow

by Curt Wells 0

Back in the day, when I was a new bowhunter, I was shooting an 80-lb. Martin Cougar Magnum (sparkle green,… more »


Ask Bowhunter: Facemask vs. Facepaint

by Curt Wells 0

Question: My first elk hunt is coming up, and I’m wondering about using facepaint or a facemask. I see a lot of… more »


Heavy Vs. Light: Choosing The Best Hunting Arrow

by Curt Wells 0

Whether you bowhunt with a recurve bow, a longbow, or a compound bow, choosing the best hunting arrow is critical… more »


Review: Diamond Archery Edge SB-1

by Curt Wells 0

There is no denying that the archery industry has responded to the “youth movement” better than just about any industry… more »


Donald Trump Jr: Fifth Avenue Redneck

by Curt Wells 0

Editor’s note: It was late winter when I got a call from a mutual bowhunting friend who told me Donald… more »


Editors Review: 2016 Bowtech BT-X

by Curt Wells 0

You would think that every conceivable design that could be engineered into a cam would have been done by now…. more »


Boots Off Bear Hunting

by Curt Wells 0

Bent over, as if it actually helped to conceal me, I skittered like a water bug across a wide-open field… more »


Initial Review: Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34

by Curt Wells 0

One of the things I like about my job (okay, I like everything about my job) is I get the… more »

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