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Mathews Monster Wake Bow Review

by Curt Wells 0

First impressions are always interesting, whether you’re meeting a stranger or pulling a new bow out of the box. When… more »


Mathews NO CAM HTR Review

by Curt Wells 0

I apologize for taking my time to get this review out to you but I received my Mathews NO CAM… more »


Curt Wells’ 162-Inch Double Decoy Kansas Buck

by Curt Wells 0

When I first picked up his movement, the buck was still at least 50 yards away, yet he was already… more »

The new Mathews NO CAM HTR (left), and NO CAM TRG (right).

Introducing the New Mathews NO CAM HTR & NO CAM TRG

by Curt Wells 0

To most bowhunters, the beginning of November means rutting deer. To fans of Mathews bows, the first part of November… more »


Triumph Over Tragedy: Ben Cockell’s 249-Inch Canadian Megabuck

by Curt Wells 0

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s unlikely that you will ever walk again.” Devastating words that would hit… more »

Mathews introduced two new bows to its lineup, the Monster Chill X (left) and Chill SDX.

Mathews Introduces New Monster Chill X and SDX Bows

by Curt Wells 0

I’ve been a fan of Mathews’ McPherson Monster Chill series since its inception with both the original Chill and the… more »


The Story of Lefty: The Journey of a Monster Whitetail

by Curt Wells 0

Fear. It was the only emotion I felt as I stood in a tree scanning the Iowa landscape. I was… more »

monster chill r

Exclusive First Look: Mathews Monster Chill R

by Curt Wells 1

As one of the leading bow manufacturers in the world, it’s always big news when Mathews announces its newest bows… more »

Curt Wells - Bowhunter Magazine

Bowhunter’s Favorite Fall Memory

by Curt Wells 0

Nothing in the outdoors compares to the scream of a rutting bull elk as it echoes through the high country… more »


A “Deer Slam” for Curt Wells in 2012?

by Curt Wells 0

Because this is the busiest time of year for me it seems I’m having difficulty finding time to do any… more »

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