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Bowhunting: Passion, Obsession or Addiction?

by Randy Ulmer 0

Bowhunter Magazine is turning 45 years old! My, how time flies! I began bowhunting not long after this magazine’s inception,… more »


Benefits of Hinge-Style Release Aids

by Randy Ulmer 0

If I were charged with preventing a bowhunter from getting target panic and could make only one change in their… more »


8 Steps to Conquering Target Panic – Part 2

by Randy Ulmer 0

Click here to read Part 1 – 8 Steps to Conquering Target Panic by Randy Ulmer Prevention And Treatment You… more »


8 Steps to Conquering Target Panic – Part 1

by Randy Ulmer 0

Definition: Target panic is a crippling condition that affects many novice and experienced archers. It can strike any archer at… more »

Shot placement for whitetail

Shot Placement For Treestand Bowhunters

by Randy Ulmer 1

The heat of the moment may melt your gray matter, so think ahead to ensure clean kills.


Easton Injexion Arrow Review

by Randy Ulmer 0

My fascination with small diameter arrows goes all the way back to 1990 when I was on the US Archery… more »


VIDEO: Shooting Your Bow in the Wind

by Randy Ulmer 3

Randy Ulmer offers advice on aiming and shooting your bow in the wind at various speeds.


Why You Should Number Your Hunting Arrows

by Randy Ulmer 16

Every hunting arrow in your quiver has its own personality, and it’s going to go exactly where it wants to… more »


How to Use a Hand-Held Release Aid While Bowhunting

by Randy Ulmer 10

http://brightcove=1039078472001 If you want to improve your accuracy, you might want to consider using a hand-held release. Randy Ulmer gives… more »


Use the Right Release Aid

by Randy Ulmer 0

By Randy Ulmer Nothing will cause more muscle tension and shot anticipation than a cheap release aid with a lot… more »

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