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Heavy Horned Canadian 7-Point

by the Bowhunter Editorial Staff   |  May 10th, 2011 0

Battling treestand difficulties, warm weather, and a testy wind, Canadian hunter Morely McGuire of Ontario was able to drop this nice, heavy-horned seven point. Here’s his story…

“After rehanging my treestand, sweat was literally running off my nose, as I pulled out my Scent Shield and sprayed down. I had come in really early and amazingly it was still dark. I hunt a sugar maple bush with an alfalfa field to the West. The trail I was watching was to the north of my stand, but I was convinced I would have a shot at any deer before they were able to wind me. I settled in for a slow sunrise, as there was fog all around. I began to feel better as time passed…that’s what’s great about hunting. The outdoors just kind of washes the problems away. The longer I sat the more hopeful I became. I’m used to getting plenty of warning as the deer approach, but with the wet leaves I figured I better keep the BowTech in hand.”

“At 7:30am I heard a crunch to the northwest. I looked over my left shoulder and saw a massive bodied deer moving down the trail. I lifted my bow off my lap and hooked my release as I slowly swung it to my left side. I drew back as I saw good headgear and tried to focus on the spot. The buck kept moving east and I knew he was just steps away from being downwind. I gave a quick bleat out of my mouth and he came to a stop. I put the 20-yard pin just behind his shoulder and squeezed the trigger. In a flash he was gone, engulfed by the fog, I could only hear his progress that ended in a large crash. I was pretty sure that the lighted nock had indicated a perfect hit. I sat back and ran it through my mind; I was convinced it was a good shot. At 7:32 a.m. I texted my brother indicating I needed help tracking. “

“When my brother arrived we soon found a decent blood trail that lead up a hardwood ridge with lots of raspberry canes. The blood tapered off and there he was. My best buck to date. A thick-horned 7-pointer. He had a massive body and swollen neck, he was in the prime of his life.”

Nice work Morely!

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