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Bowhunter TV

Preparing for a New Season of Bowhunter TV

by Curt Wells   |  June 25th, 2012 1

Me and Mark H1I write these words from the Northern Territories of Australia as I sit by a campfire built with wood from a eucalyptus tree. I’m here hunting Asiatic water buffalo and as my cameraman and I work to produce an episode for the 2013 Bowhunter TV show, and the rest of the crew back home is putting the finishing touches on the 2012 season of Bowhunter TV. The season begins this week as part of Full Draw Friday Night on The Sportsman Channel. We encourage you to stop by and check us out.

Bowhunter TV has become a huge part of our identity and we continue to fashion the show in the mold of Bowhunter magazine. Every outdoor show has its niche, and we’re no different. Our role is twofold; bring you the thrills of hunting with a bow and arrow, and pass along as much useful information as we can possibly cram into a half-hour program. I can’t think of another show that brings you more bowhunting and expertise than Bowhunter TV.

Like most shows we’re always tweaking things so we’ve made some changes. We’ve eliminated the studio so you won’t see co-host Mike Carney and I sitting on a couch discussing the hunts. Instead, we’re jumping right into the first hunt and then at the halfway points we’re using spines to highlight the things to be learned from each segment of the hunt. We feel this will streamline things and provide even more valuable information that just might help you become a better bowhunter.

Our Tech Talk segment continues its usual two-pronged approach. First and foremost, we offer some experience and expertise regarding equipment ranging from string loops to treestands. Sometimes we get technical, other times we talk safety, but the topics are always important. The second function is to highlight our great partners, whose support we could not do without. Some of the finest pillars of the archery industry have our back, including both Mathews and Hoyt. I know of no other show with two bow sponsors and we’re proud to have them front and center on every hunt. We greatly appreciate all our sponsors and if you like to watch Bowhunter TV, you should appreciate them as well.

Of course, we’ll still be featuring the highly popular Dead On segment with Randy Ulmer. And because we’re always striving to bring you more, we’ve added Levi Morgan in a segment we call Perfect Shot. Levi is known primarily as a world-class competitive archer on the 3-D circuit, but he’s also an avid bowhunter. His tips on making the perfect shot will certainly apply to all bowhunters. When it comes to archery and bowhunting you couldn’t find two more qualified experts, and we’re happy they’re on Bowhunter TV.

We have a great lineup of hunts to bring you this season, starting of with my bowfishing excursion to Florida where I tangled with a huge stingray, then put life and limb at risk during a point-blank encounter with a giant alligator.


During the season, we’ll hunt Africa, elk, muleys, pronghorns, mountain goats, caribou, Sitka blacktails, hogs, and of course, plenty of whitetails. And later on in the season we’ll be airing our 100th episode of Bowhunter TV, so watch for that.

Mike's CO Bull H1As I mentioned, we’re already working on 2013, which will be a special year for us. Bowhunter TV will be going to a 52-week schedule on Sportsman Channel, which is growing like a wildfire on a hot, windy day. The format will be unique in that we’ll air six brand new shows in the first quarter of 2013, followed by re-airs of those six shows. In the second quarter we’ll air seven original shows, then seven re-airs. Third quarter will be six and six, and fourth quarter will be seven and seven. Throughout the entire year, you won’t be far from brand new episodes of Bowhunter TV.

Well, I have to get back after the water buffalo in the morning so I better head for the tent. I hope you’ll join us this week. If you’ve got the time, we’ve got some bowhuntin’ for you.

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