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Deer Management Research At Its Finest

by Dr. Dave Samuel 0

It’s amazing how much you can learn at the annual Southeast Deer Study Group Meeting. Every year, the top deer… more »


5 Top Issues Concerning the Future of Whitetails

by Dr. Dave Samuel 0

In March of 2014, 225 selected stakeholders met with at Cedar Lakes Missouri for the First Whitetail Summit. With help… more »


How Deer Management Has Changed in the Last 25 Years

by C. J. Winand 0

Last summer, I was invited to speak at the 25th Anniversary of the Quality Deer Management Association’s (QDMA) National Convention… more »


Trophy Talk: Does Hunting Hurt Horn & Antler Growth?

by Dr. Dave Samuel 0

For years, one of the arguments the antis used in their tirades against hunting was the idea that hunting lowers… more »


Eastern Coyotes: How Predators Affect Deer Herds

by C. J. Winand 2

Are predators such as coyotes negatively affecting our deer herds? In an article in the February 1999 issue of a… more »


Quality Deer Management Misunderstood

by Bob Humphrey 7

The last afternoon of my Illinois hunt was unseasonably warm, which didn’t do much for my confidence. Things changed very… more »


How to Avoid Breaking Local Game Laws

by Fred Eichler 9

“Really? That’s a law?” I have heard these words uttered a few times when going over Colorado regulations with clients… more »


What are the Biggest Threats to Bowhunting?

by Curt Wells 16

Do you fear the squirrel squeezers? We all know our hunting heritage is under constant scrutiny and attack. But what… more »


Flying No Longer Fun For Hunters

by admin 0

The cost, and hassle, of flying goes up as hunters are singled out by some airlines.

Seminar at BowCast

Vantage Point: Knowledge is Gear and It’s Time to Gear Up!

by Curt Wells 1

One of the most attractive facets of bowhunting, at least for this bowhunter, is that it’s such a gear intensive… more »

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