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10 Best Bowfishing Products for 2014

by Tony J. Peterson   |  May 12th, 2014 0

In recent years, we’ve witnessed an explosion in the popularity of archery. Nearly in lock-step with that meteoric rise is an increased interest in bowfishing. The typically mild conditions, low pressure and target-rich environments of bowfishing all combine to create a great way to pass a few summer hours—and the people have taken notice.


New Bowfishing Gear for 2013

I know some serious bowhunters that would never consider bowfishing, just as they wouldnt be caught dead pursuing squirr...

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that most of the best places to bowfish are also public and open to everyone, unlike top-notch big game destinations. That ready availability has caught the attention of hordes of bowhunters looking to expand their season, and they’ve taken to the waters with a fervor never before seen.

Bowfishermen vary greatly in many things, none more marked than equipment choice. Simple souls looking to take their spartan ways on the water may string up a recurve, affix a reel to it and slowly wade a meandering stream in search of finning suckers and carp. Others with a need for the latest-and-greatest might spend major bucks on a tricked out boat fitted with racks of lights, shooting platforms and beefed-up generators.

Either style will do just fine; however, both demand the right gear. If you plan to hit the water in an attempt to skewer a few gar, carp or maybe even rays, consider the following 10 bowfishing products. All are designed to help you achieve your goal of getting slimy while grinning like a madman as you pluck from the waters a few scaly trophies.

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