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9 Must-Have Pieces of Western Hunting Gear

by Tony J. Peterson   |  September 16th, 2015 0

Whitetail hunters think about their gear, but not the same way as western hunters. Every thought involving an individual piece of western hunting gear starts with, ‘Do I really need this?’

The reason for this upfront question involves, of course, weight. Even day trips for mule deer involve a pack, and anyone who has spent time out West fully understands what carrying extra ounces feels like.

It gets worse if you’re planning on a bivy hunt. There is a movement, particularly in the elk hunting scene, where getting as far off of the beaten trail is a must. This often involves serious hikes of miles upon miles, and when you travel that far, you must carry everything with you.

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This results in backpacks that are heavy. To me, the tipping point of extremely heavy is around 70 pounds.

This is a no-joke weight to carry around, and even half of that will test most flatlanders without fail. Fifty pounds is much more muscle friendly, and it can be done. But it all requires the right gear.

Following are nine products worthy of a day trip, or a five-day bivy adventure into the backcountry.

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