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Introducing the New Mathews Creed, Chill and ZXT

by Bowhunter Online Staff   |  November 5th, 2012 23

Sometimes the best way to advance your technology is to simplify it—a motto Mathews adapted for their 2013 line of bows which were revealed on Monday.

The centerpiece of the new collection is the Mathews Creed, which features a new SimPlex Cam and is—according to Mathews—their smoothest drawing bow yet. Rated at 328 fps, it isn’t their fastest bow on record, but it is the best at capturing a unique blend of speed, quietness and accuracy.

Another important feature on the Creed is the parallel limb design and Geo Grid Lock riser, which are staples of the Mathews line and help make the bow one of the lightest and smoothest on the market. The Creed also includes harmonic dampeners just like previous models.

The other model is the Monster Chill, an addition to the Mathews McPherson Series. It features a new DYAD AVS cam system, which produce 333 fps and help minimize vibration. The Chill is Mathews’ fastest and smoothest two cam bow.

Finally, Mathews announced the ZXT, which features the ever-popular ZX Single Cam and is their more affordable option while still getting all the expected Mathews technology. While the Creed and Chill retail at $999, the ZXT comes in at $799.

  • Sam Howard

    Wish I had the opportunity to test drive the new Creed. Looks like it is going to be a show stopper.

    • plerma

      going to pick up mine this morning,i shot the demo ,awesome

    • Chris Ellison

      It really is the best bow i have ever shot. Very smooth and has a nice wall

  • Dave miles

    No way I'm trading in my HELIm! Coming from Mathews, it has to be
    A good bow!

  • Josh

    I've shot all 3 new and most old! Chill is my favorite hands down! But I'm not a fan of Solo cams! Chill has the first Mathews grip I like!

  • Terry

    They are priced where an average person can never afford to buy one

  • Bill

    I own the Z7 X and I shot the creed, the creed is smooth and more balanced than my 7. Shoot it before you judge the other parts

  • Guest

    I'll stick with my 2005 Switchback. Who can afford these newest bows anyway? I'd rather spend my money on new sights, arrows, targets, hunting licenses and the most expensive thing … gas for my truck to get where I hunt.

  • william

    yea the show stopped at the price who in their right mind is gonna give a grand on a bow even in todays' economy?!

  • paul

    i have to quit this buying a bow every time matt comes out with a with a new bow,the creed will be my 10th bow,but i cant help it ,they just keep getting better and better.

  • Butt

    Paul buy me one

  • Rob P

    just picked up mine friday and shot it all weekend..was torn between this and the Hoyt Spyder…never thought I would walk out with the Matthews but the draw cycle, quietness and wall made a believer out of me. Been shooting an entry level PSE Nova for 7 yrs, on my 2nd string…it was time for an update!

  • david

    I owned both the helim and now the creed. I call creed the better looking cousin on the helim. Love the creed. The only thing I didn't like about the helium is the lower string stop set screws kept coming loose. One even fell out. Like the redesign on the creed.
    Otherwise the bows seem identical.

  • Doug

    shot the new creed last night. I have shot a lot of bows, different brands, and this bow is by far the smoothest and quietest bow i have ever shot. i have mine waiting on me after the first of the year!

  • Ted J

    The Mathews Switchback XT is one of the best bows ever made and i will be shooting my 2006 XT next season as well. As previous guest stated who can afford $1,000 every year for a new bow and with the cost of living being so high and Obama planing on raising Everyones taxes to pay for Obama Care a hunter has to plan his or her finances to make ends meet. My money will be going towards items i Need.

  • Fred Surholt

    Been shooting the Q3 for years and never up-dated till now, new technology has made the difference. The Creed is like shooting a rifle. It is worth the money spent, will probably shoot this one till I die. I'm 66 and still bow hunting

  • ilow

    I shot the creed and the chill.. Didn't like the creed at all.. Love the Chill.. I saved for six months to purchase it.. Will be the last new bow i buy for awhile.. I shot it went home for a week and thought about it went back and shot it some more.. Gave the guys my debt card and paid for it- The cost was painful. but finding out i will have to wait another six to eight weeks to have it my hands hurts worse..- I mean really wth?? It has already been two months since they sent the demo's out.. I have the Z7 tactical Extreme now and wanted the chill in tactical also – guess what was told that would be a additional four to six weeks…

  • Chris

    I shot the 2013 ZXT at my local pro shop yesterday and I really liked it. Doing a review on it at the moment. I haven't bought a new Mathews since the Switchback XT because quite honestly I just can't afford it. This bow has everything I would be looking for in a new bow with smooth draw and cam roll over to a very solid back wall with no creep. It's fairly dead in the hand and much more quiet than other Mathews bows I've shot. My local shop had it priced at $699 which is about what I paid for my Switchback some 7 years ago. I was surprised to find it at that price with all the better features of newer model bows. I think if a guy is looking for a new bow on a budget without sacrificing top end performance the ZXT is a solid choice. I'll be giving the ZXT some serious consideration between now and this summer.

  • Mack

    Some maggot stole my switchback xt, so I just purchased a new zxt. This bow is awesome! Very smooth draw and super quiet. No buyers remorse.

  • bobby

    Shot all three at diamond archery this past week. Loved all three but like most ppl, I'm on a budget this year. Had the heliM last year and liked it too but my brother talked me into selling it. So I'm gonna get the zxt. Shoot it. You'll love it

  • Danny Lambert

    Love my zxt!!

  • Fong y

    Shot all 3 side by side, first it was the creed than shot it again in a other shop the zxt feel better. week after shot all 3 side by side and end up getting the zxt, not because it cost less but it feel better for me.

  • chuanlei


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