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New Compound Bows for 2014

by Tony J. Peterson   |  July 9th, 2014 0

After shooting several of the new 2014 bows, I’ve come away with the realization that we may well see more years of shrinking axle-to-axle measurements, lighter mass weights, and increases in speed. We certainly see all of those things, and more, in the flagship hunting models that have been released this year.

It’s now common for bows to measure in the 28-inch to 32-inch range, weigh in under 4 pounds., and blow arrows through chronographs at speeds of 340 and even 350 fps. It’s truly impressive to see where our bows have gone, and while I’m continually surprised by what bow companies can do, I’m starting to realize how they do it because I’ve had the chance to chat with a host of engineers from the top companies.

While these folks may not speak in the same tongue as their sales and marketing counterparts, they make up for it in sheer brainpower and innovation. Take a look at the vast array of technologies used in these bows, and think about the fact that not only did someone have to conceive of the idea, but actually implement it with real-world materials on a limited budget.

That is no easy task, but fortunately for us, it translates into a higher level of enjoyment at the shooting range and more taxidermy bills.

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