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Outdoor Edge Makes Field Dressing Easy

by the Bowhunter Editorial Staff   |  November 4th, 2010 0

The Outdoor Edge Outpak contains every tool necessary to transform your kill into delicious table fare. Items in the set include the Kodi-Skinner/Caper combo, Axe-It, Griz-Saw, Steel Stick, Boning/Fillet knife, Cerama-Steel Sharpener, Pen, Tape Measure, Flagging Tape, Zip-Ties, and Game Cleaning Gloves.

Every tool is safely stored in individual compartments in the roll-pack organizer. Nylon straps let you fasten the Outpak to your backpack or carry the complete set inside your pack.

Contact: Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp., 4699 Nautilus Court South, Suite 503, Dept. BHM, Boulder, CO 80301; 1-800-447-EDGE;

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