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Barronett Blinds Snake Eyes Blinds

|  November 4th, 2010 0

Barronett Blinds’ Snake Eyes Blinds ($180) have a six-panel design between which are windows that you can open vertically and horizontally — via a series of hooks, zippers, and loops — to give you nearly limitless viewing and shooting options. The outside is camouflaged in your choice of BackLand Adrenaline or BackLand West camo.

The Shadow Stopper darkened interior keeps you hidden, as does the shoot-through mesh over the windows. The five-hub design makes for quick setup/takedown and eliminates wind flap. Inside the blind you’ll find two gear pockets and two built-in bow hangers. Two models — 250 and 350 — make up the new line. The 250 is 59″ x 59″ with a 67″ center height. The 350 is 70″ x 70″ and 80″ tall in the center.

Contact: Barronett Blinds, 1-800-345-6007,

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