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Bohning Blazer Vane

by Tracy Breen   |  November 4th, 2010 0

Years ago, the Bohning Blazer Vane ($9/36) started the craze for super-short, high-profile vanes, and this year Bohning has enhanced the Blazer by tightening the tolerances, resulting in an even smaller vane. The original Blazer was 2″ long and .6″ high; the new version measures 1.987″ long and .568″ high.

Visually you won’t notice much difference, but you’ll notice a difference on the grain scale. The new Blazer is lighter than the old version, which will please those bowhunters looking for a way to lighten arrows and to gain more weight forward. The lip on the bottom of the vane has a deep groove down the center for glue, which ensures good adhesion.

Contact: Bohning Archery, (231) 229-4247,

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