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by the Bowhunter Editorial Staff   |  November 4th, 2010 1

PSE® bow proves ideal for stand hunters.

If you hunt from a treestand, then you know the importance of maneuverability. For this reason, PSE created the new X Force™ TS HF. This 28-inch bow has 12-inch split limbs and Hybrid Fast (HF) cams with multi-post string length settings for an additional +/- 3⁄8-inch draw length adjustment.

Other features include the new X-Technology™ Short Riser, HyperSplit™ limb pockets, a 7-inch brace height, and 70-percent letoff (adjustable to 60 percent). No bow press is needed to change draw length modules. It’s available in draw lengths of 26-30 inches and peak weights of 60 and 70 pounds.

Contact: PSE, Inc., (520) 884-9065, .

  • L. G.

    Bought this bow the year it was introduced and to date, 11 deer have fallen to arrows from the X Force TS and all from a seated position from my stand. Due to over crowding of hunters in the field, Ive had to move into areas of thick and dense cover and the deer are on top of me quick now and in a hurry. This doesnt provide me enough time to see the deer and stand and ready myself for the shot, so I have to stay seated for the shot. The design of the x Force TS allows me to do this; and with ease. Short, manuverable, forgiving and extremely fast, equals meat in the freezer ! I knew after the first season, it would be the last bow I would own. PSE has been my choice since 1986 when I started bow hunting and Pete Shepley hasnt let me down yet !

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