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by the Bowhunter Editorial Staff   |  November 4th, 2010 1

PSE® bow proves ideal for stand hunters.

If you hunt from a treestand, then you know the importance of maneuverability. For this reason, PSE created the new X Force™ TS HF. This 28-inch bow has 12-inch split limbs and Hybrid Fast (HF) cams with multi-post string length settings for an additional +/- 3⁄8-inch draw length adjustment.

Other features include the new X-Technology™ Short Riser, HyperSplit™ limb pockets, a 7-inch brace height, and 70-percent letoff (adjustable to 60 percent). No bow press is needed to change draw length modules. It’s available in draw lengths of 26-30 inches and peak weights of 60 and 70 pounds.

Contact: PSE, Inc., (520) 884-9065, .

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