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Introducing New Leupold Optics for 2013

by Bowhunter Online Staff   |  January 8th, 2013 0

John Snodgrass of Leupold gave us a look at some brand new Leupold optics for 2013 at the ATA Show in Louisville, Ky. First, we checked out the new Leupold BX-4 McKinley binoculars. Available in 8x42mm or 10x42mm, the BX-4 features an extra low dispersion, high definition lens system along with a bigger objective and high edge-to-edge clarity across a visual field. Available now, the 8x42mm retails for $750, while the 10x42mm retails for $775.

We also got a look at the new Leupold RX-800i and RX-800i TBR rangefinders. Good out to 800 yards reflective—650 yards on deer and 700 yards on soft targets—the RX-800i features Leupold’s Trophy Scale feature, which allows the user to input a set of numbers into the rangefinder, determining whether the target measures up to the user’s expectations. The RX-800i will retail for $350, and the RX-800i TBR will retail for $400.

Finally, we got a look at an archery-specific rangefinder, the Leupold RX-Full Draw, which features a 5-power binocular to offer a wide field of view with enough magnification to zoom out to targets with a maximum distance of 800 yards. The RX-Full Draw also features a bow mode compensated distance out to 175 yards, great for tournament and competition archers. The RX-Full Draw is currently available and retails for $399.99. Check out the video straight from the 2013 ATA Show.


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