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Ozonics HR-230 Enters the Hunting Market

by Bowhunter Online Staff   |  February 5th, 2018 0

Ozonics has added its newest in-the-field ozone generator — the HR-230 — to its 2018 product line. The new HR-230 that was announced today will replace the time-tested HR-200 model.


Ozonics’ new HR-230 is an improved version of the unit it has replaced in the lineup — the HR-200. (Photo courtesy of Ozonics Hunting)

An improved user experience was at the forefront of this new unit, which features a redesigned keypad with simplified icons. Adding to that, this unit is compatible with the company’s DRIWASH Bag thanks to the DriWash “PULSE” technology that has been built in to the HR-230. Like the flagship HR-300 model, the new entry-level HR-230 provides both active and passive scent-control capabilities.

Other features include a silent on/off button, two levels of ozone output for ground blind or treestand hunting (standard or boost mode), and green utility lights for easy operation without alerting any nearby game. There’s also a battery indicator to warn you when a re-charge may be needed.

The new HR-230 has an MSRP of $399.99.


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