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Sniff Test: The Best Whitetail Scents and Lures This Season

by Tony J. Peterson   |  December 5th, 2014 0

There is only one time of year when I use deer scents extensively — during the rut. My forays into early-season curiosity scents and lures have left me nonplussed; however, when the calendar turns to November everything changes. This is no secret to bowhunters, but exactly how we should use estrus scents sometimes seems to be.

For instance, whether you drag a rag soaked in doe pee or hang a scent wick, if you’re not vigilant about your own scent you might be in trouble. A buck’s nose is better than a bird dog’s, and if he is snorking up loads of ready-to-go doe scent and then catches a whiff of fresh human scent, it might be all for naught. A serious scent-control regimen is a must for using scents.

Of course, you might just hang a wick or touch off a ‘bomb’ near your stand site to stop cruising bucks. This is a tactic I use often when I’m worried a buck might get downwind of me. The wick, positioned to halt his progress before he gets into my scent stream, will either turn him in a better direction or buy me extra time to shoot.

You may also wish to spruce up a decoy with some scent. In this case, slathering your favorite faux doe with scent might seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Instead, place the scent on the ground by the decoy’s rear end.

No matter how you use them, now is the time to carry a couple of ounces of doe urine into the woods with you. Used correctly, you might just trick a buck into thinking he is tantalizingly close to an amorous encounter with one sweet smelling lady — right before you perforate his lungs.

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