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Imprison Yourself: The Essential Turkey Hunting Gear

by Tony J. Peterson   |  March 9th, 2012 3

I’m not the first to admit it, but I am emphatic — I don’t really like turkey hunting with a bow. I just feel that wild turkeys were designed with bright red heads; long, relatively frail necks; and a tendency to hang up at 40 yards all for the express purpose of being shot with a load of 5s from a scattergun. That being said, I am warming up to bowhunting turkeys, now that I’ve figured out ways to make sitting in a pop-up blind bearable. The tiny, camouflage prison cell has been the bane of my turkey hunting experience, largely because I can’t stand listening to a bird gobble his head off and not be able to move into a better position.

Portability is not impossible when bowhunting turkeys, but it’s a pain. And I know there are those diehard types who forgo blinds, don ghillie suits and kill birds, but I’m not writing about those five guys. The rest of us are better off surrounded by four walls and a roof during our spring forays.

So how do you maximize success while bowhunting turkeys? For me, it starts with scouting. Although they seem to wander like crazy in search of amorous encounters, longbeards can also be easy to pattern. Erecting your blind in the right spot is a must, and a few mornings spent listening to gobbling along with afternoon glassing expeditions can help you nail down a high-odds spot.

Whether bowhunting turkeys is one of your passions or perhaps a way to scratch the bowhunting itch in the spring (or fall), these products will help make your experience much more enjoyable.

  • pete

    I started hunting turkeys at age 60 with my bow. Now I'm hooked the ground blind is the way to go. now my grand daugther is hunting with me at age 13. the blind is best for getting kids into all kinds of hunting.

  • Tim

    $499 for a freakin ground blind… does it scout and clean the birds for me. If it doesn't Gorilla Gear can keep it


    I agree with Time being a disabled veteran I have request donations from many sportman dealers. So far on three companys. THERMA CELL, LUMNOCK, CANT REMEMBER THE LAST ONE. JUST ABOUT READY TO STOP HUNTING. VIETNAM VETS GET NO HELP.

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