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Archery ATA Show 2013 NAW+

Introducing the Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrow

by Bowhunter Online Staff   |  January 9th, 2013 3

Carbon Express introduced its newest arrow shaft at the 2013 ATA Show, the Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrow. Using three materials of different weights—heaviest in the back, second heaviest in the front and lightest in the middle—the Maxima Red moves oscillation away from the front of the arrow and keeps it in the middle, creating better accuracy with a broadhead. The Maxima Red will be available in February and will retail for $84.99 per six-pack. Check out the video from the ATA Show.

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  • Richard

    What happens to the front weight when you cut the arrow to size, wouldn't that change tho gs a little?

  • Brian


    I emailed CX to ask this question. The response from CX was to cut to length from the front end and to cut nothing from the back end. I asked about Blue Streaks and the explanation had to do with the stiffer spine at the rear. It's apparently important not to change the spine. CX is very responsive. You could email them from their web site to ask about your specific arrow.

  • Corey

    Carbon Express are way over priced, they fail the bend test compared to other "cheaper arrows". Bend one and then try the spin test against a goldtip. You will be amazed. Save your money and buy gold tip.You will shoot better and save some money. I have shot carbon express for years, but price kept creeping up and quality is down. I watched the spin test comparison at an archery pro shop and could'nt believe it. CE call china and have them build a true carbon arrow and lower the price!

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