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Archery ATA Show 2013 NAW+

Introducing the Flying Arrow Toxic Broadhead

by Bowhunter Online Staff   |  January 8th, 2013 26

Flying Arrow Archery gave us a look at its brand new Flying Arrow Toxic broadhead at the 2013 ATA Show in Louisville, Ky. With a design unlike any broadhead on the market, the fixed-blade Toxic offers greater cutting surface and is designed with silence and accuracy in mind. The Toxic will be available in the next couple months and will retail for $39.99. Check out the video straight from the ATA Show.

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  • Dave

    Got to try this broadhead!! Looks so cool!

  • Arrow

    That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen.
    A small cutting diameter with those curved blades will mean a lot less penetration.

  • Rick

    What is the cutting diameter like the size of a penny??? That's like a 3/4 inch cut!! I'll stick with my G5's

  • Dave miles

    Lets see how it works! It's different!!!

  • Chris

    How do you sharpen it?

  • Curtis Hermann

    The "coring" concept is not new to bowhunting and like the designs of the past "coring" absorbs a large amount of Kenetic energy that costs penetration. They show an exit wound on an elk with out stating where on the elk the wound was or how much arrow penetration took place. Arrow weight and bow draw weight were also not stated and those facts need to be exposed for one to make a educated decision. On a large game animal a entry hole and a exit hole is the ultimate goal for a good blood trail, giving depth of penetration an edge over wound size, without knowing more – I would not trust my expensive elk tag to this design.

    • Matthew

      if its a exit wound i think it penetrated far enough, please use common sense when you post things.

      • Joe

        Exit it wound where? Chest, stomach, leg, neck? That matters.

        • bill

          needless to say, judging from the picture alone if you made a good shot on an animal, i dont believe you would be looking for him for very long. but you never know. i for one will stick with conventional broadheads, not because i dont think these would work, but because i know the ones i use work great.

          • doug

            For those of us that are waisting KE anyhow, this is an exciting broadhead. I have been using the G5 for a while and always punch through both sides. My cow I shot this year I made a clean shot on the entrance but caught her shoulder on the other side. The arrow still ended up half the shaft burried in the hill. I have the KE to spare, I am not allowed in Idaho to use mechanicals, I want a good freakin blood trail.

  • Bill

    This reminds me of a broadhead Browning had in the 60's. The Serpentine. The demo was of an apple with a hole through it you could stick two figures in. It might work with a heavy shaft and high poundage bow.

  • Fred

    After shooting Rage the last 3 years I'll never change.

    • james

      mechanical broadheads are for irresponsible hunters. im glad in the great state of oregon we dont allow that kind of crap. too many sad stories and rotten meat spoiling in the sun from unfound animals.

      • jack

        you sir should give up the sport of bow hunting! Obvioulsy mechanical broadheads work well or they wouldnt be on the market. thank you and have a great day!

        • James

          If they worked so well they would be legal in every state wouldn't you think, or does someone do that for you? They work great when they work properly. I find it my obligation and responsibility to the game I hunt to use the most reliable gear I can find, which is not a mechanical BH. Just another extra technology in the woods.

          • Joe

            Do you use a compound bow? If you thought about anything with an open mind you would realize that there is always trade offs on both side of an argument or no one would be on the other side. Obviously you have never heard of a fixed blade planing in the wind.

          • Matt

            incorrect… you choose not to find one that will work. NAP bloodrunner is a mechanical, but it cuts no matter what. So you are incorrect you can shoot a mechanical and know that you will get your game everytime. I have killed deer with a Spitfire and bloodrunners both are great heads. Now if i were hunting larger animals i would go with to fixed gead. There is a broadhead out there for everyone.

            Additionally, Who says mechanicals are not reliable… also how many bowhunters know how to properly tune a bow to shoot fixed broadheads, i read all the time on forums of guys that dont know how to get their FP and BH to shoot the same. That there is irresponsible. Those are also the same guys that shoot 2 weeks before the season then try to go hunt. Lets not blame the broadhead, blame the shooter.

        • Matt

          ya cuz everything on the market works well. (dumbass). who are to tell anyone to give up anything. that guy just gave his opinion about it and you felt the need to jump on it and tell him to give up bow hunting. nobody should give up bow hunting. everyone should know the joy and pain of archery. you should take a look in the mirror and remind your self of your civility and find some class.

          • Brad

            So here you are callin people dumbass and stuff. that aint very nice of you. I dont agree with what he said but you talk about having class and call him a dumbass on here. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror???

          • Brad

            And why dont you get at james? He started this anyway. All that was said was someone likes rage broadheads. He said they were crap! If he didnt like em then he should just scroll down or push the dislike button. So dont tell one person to have some class but not the other for their actions. I think all three of yall need to grow up and start acting like little kids.

          • tazm

            crybaby sissies, get a damn life all of you.

  • Joe Farah

    I took the owner shooting hogs here in Texas this summer and saw the broadheads core out some big boars. All animals dropped in seconds and looked like they were emptied of air quickly apon impact. Joe in texas

  • jeffery

    They work great!Put your money or shut up!I see alot loud talking on people who know nothing!Great Broadheads!

  • Michael N Jenni Pearce

    shot one as a test. It performed like they said. consistant flight, chorno never changed, oh it also penatrated deeper than my field point in both tests. I would really encourage you to try them before you bash them.

    • Brett Smith, Springfield, NE

      I shot three last night. After changing arrows (helical to non-helical) they fly absolute perfect and the hole they make in the foam cube target is impressive. Before changing arrows, they flew 4″ to the left. I’m hunting with them Thursday night.

  • chuanlei

    好头 Yuan fang, what do you think

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