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Is a Quiver Hurting Your Bow Balance?

by Joe Bell

I’m a stickler for archery detail, and one area I’ve spent a great deal of time in is analyzing the… more »


Ask Bowhunter: How to Stay Warm While Hunting?

by Tony J. Peterson

Question: I love late-season bowhunting, but I hate the cold. Do you have any advice for how to stay warm… more »


Don’t Sleep on Canadian Whitetails

by Brian Fortenbaugh

The more I thought about it, the weirder it seemed. In my 15 years as assistant editor of this magazine,… more »


A Special Bear-Hunting Adventure

by Fred Eichler

Some hunts just go down in my memory bank as super special. Oftentimes it’s just a small thing that elevates… more »


Favorite Hunt? There’s Plenty to Choose From.

by Dwight Schuh

“You guys are crazy,” bush pilot Van Hartley growled as Roger Iveson and I unloaded the last of our gear… more »


Scouting for Late-Season Success

by Tony J. Peterson

If you were to base the average hunter success off of my Facebook feed this fall, you’d most likely assume… more »


Bowhunting in Texas Provides Off-Season Fun

by Tony J. Peterson

As bowhunters, we’re enamored with the tough hunts. If it doesn’t nearly kill you to get close to an animal,… more »


Which Type of Deer Calling Works Best?

by Matt Palmquist

Question: I have tried to call-in whitetails with little success. What calls works best, and when should I use them… more »


Last-Minute Whitetail Tricks

by Tony J. Peterson

The problem with a lot of the get-rich-quick products in the whitetail market is that we use them at the… more »


Treestand Concealment

by C. J. Winand

You can easily make the argument that within the last few decades, the biggest advances within the bowhunting community are… more »

Deer Hunting Mistakes

Ditch These Disasters

by Mark Kayser

Don’t bet on being unsinkable during whitetail season. That attitude didn’t work too well for the Titanic 104 years ago,… more »


5 Strategies for Aggressive Whitetail Hunting

by Tony J. Peterson

The typical rut-hunting strategy for most whitetailers is to find a pinch point or a funnel and then plant their… more »


A Recipe for Rut Success: Good Ground and Good Freedom

by Tony J. Peterson

When Chuck Smock invited me on a Cabela’s deer hunt, I declined. The reason, I told him, was that my schedule… more »

Ozonics Review

What Ozonics Can Do for You Today

by Mike Carney

What would you pay to have a second chance at all the biggest bucks that winded you over the last… more »

Process Your Own Deer

Use Familiarity to Your Advantage

by M.R. James

The horny eight-pointer had one thing on his mind. But the object of his rut-driven lust — a skittish, tail-tucked… more »


Real-World Bowhunting Advice

by Tony J. Peterson

We have a weird situation going on in the bowhunting industry that involves the one-percenters disseminating information to 99-percent of… more »


Top Holiday Gifts for the Diehard Bowhunter

by Drew Pellman

What does your favorite bowhunter need the most? A new ground or trail camera, maybe? Or maybe even some new… more »

Repellent Redo

How Deer Repellent Can Be Used to Your Advantage

by C. J. Winand

As hunters, we’re always looking for an easy and more efficient way to harvest deer. How can a hunter overcome… more »

Eichler Toughest Big Game Hunts

6 Toughest Big-Game Archery Adventures

by Fred Eichler

In my July 2016 column, I touched on some challenging hunts, and since then I’ve had quite a few people… more »

Whitetail Arrows Redo

13 New Arrow Options for Whitetails

by Tony J. Peterson

Although Dwight Schuh had been kind enough to offer me a few assignments throughout his years as this magazine’s Editor, it… more »