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Bowhunter Videos


Tangy Crock-Pot Venison Roast Recipe

by Brian Fortenbaugh

Hungry? Of course you are, and this Tangy Crock-Pot Venison Roast Recipe is just what the doctor ordered This easy-to-make… more »


Deer Calling Tips To Help You In The Rut

by Travis Faulkner

Utilize these whitetail vocalizations and high-impact calling tactics during the various phases of the rut to get a buck to… more »


2017 Holiday Gift Guide

by Brian Fortenbaugh

Carbon Express PileDriver 390 Crossbow technology has continued to up the ante each year, and Carbon Express is following suite… more »


Using Does To Locate Mature Bucks

by Tony J. Peterson

It’s a simple concept, right? Just go hunt where the does like to be and soon enough you’ll be covered… more »


What’s Behind the Declining Caribou Population?

by Dr. Dave Samuel

Caribou are making news on two different continents. In Canada, Quebec has announced that all sport hunting for caribou will… more »


Remembering Maggie

by M.R. James

“I am not a famous person in any way, shape, or form. I have never won any major archery tournaments,… more »


The Broadhead Maze

by Joe Bell

Today’s line of broadheads is vast. Why is this? Why so many configurations? What works best? These are commonly asked… more »


Preparing Yourself for Mountain Hunting

by Dwight Schuh

Some years ago, I killed a hefty mule deer buck at the bottom of a deep canyon in Utah. My companion,… more »


Deer Camp Done Right

by Tony J. Peterson

After factoring in turkey season, western bowhunts, and a couple of states for public-land whitetails, I average 30-some days a… more »


How To Hunt Mule Deer and Avoid Common Mistakes

by Tony J. Peterson

The best way to get good at something is to be bad at it for a long time — but to… more »


S3DA Numbers Continue to Grow

by Emily Kantner

Most bowhunters would take a hiatus — if not retire — from the sport if they had shoulder surgery. But Jennie… more »


Introducing the SUB-1 from Mission Crossbows

by Christian Berg

Mission Crossbows today unveiled its innovative new SUB-1, a shooting platform the company created to set a new standard in… more »


After the Shot: How to Ensure Proper Meat Care

by Tony J. Peterson

I love oversized antlers. And big bucks in general. All of that. But as I grow older, the most satisfaction… more »


Best Treestand Strategies For Targeting Mature Bucks

by Tony J. Peterson

My personal treestand strategy these days is much different than when I was a young bowhunter with far more gumption… more »


Tactical Clothing And Packs

by Tony J. Peterson

The odds were good that a bull was going to visit the small waterhole, which was ringed by sign. The… more »


Fool’s Gold — Why Whitetail Patterns Will Surely Change

by Tony J. Peterson

Maybe I’m just getting old, but there are a lot of things in the deer-hunting culture that get on my… more »


The Best Early-Season Hunting Clothing

by Tony J. Peterson

There is generally a lot more thought put into cold-weather clothing than the duds we wear in the earlier part… more »


A Deer Hunter’s Antelope Guide

by Tony J. Peterson

Most Midwest and Eastern hunters want to travel West to hunt something other than whitetails at least once in their… more »


CWD Affects Antler Restrictions

by Dr. Dave Samuel

It seems that at least once a year I devote some column space to chronic wasting disease, and the reason… more »


Top Performance With a Traditional Bow

by Fred Eichler

In my last column I wrote about an issue with my shoulder. Fortunately it is continuing to heal, and I… more »