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Remote Reconnaissance: Best Trailcams for 2012

by Bob Humphrey   |  May 6th, 2012 4

Preseason scouting is invaluable. But time in the woods, or watching from a distance, only gets you so far. And you can only watch one field at a time, while the buck of your dreams may be in another.

All this is what makes trail cameras such an important component in the bowhunter’s toolbox. They’re your eyes in the woods when you’re not there. They tell you where game animals are not, where they are, and when they were there.

It’s no surprise then why they’ve become so popular. That ever-increasing consumer demand has generated some remarkably innovative technology, and what follows is a rundown of the latest, greatest offerings from today’s top trail camera manufacturers.

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    funny, i just received mine.

    international orders take 8 weeks to process, call the magazine if you have questions.


  • jtenedero0

    Glad to see those trailcams and perfect to capture different endangered species and wild animals in forests or jungles.

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