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7 Tips for Spot-and-Stalk Mule Deer Hunting

by Tony J. Peterson   |  September 2nd, 2015 0

The majority of time I’ve spent chasing big game has involved ambush hunting whitetails. That’s the reality of living in the Midwest, and I love it. However, there is nothing quite like the freedom of traveling out West with a mule deer tag in my pocket.

Spot-and-stalk mule deer hunting is an archer’s heaven. Being proactive and making hunting opportunities happen every day is always a refreshing deviation from the world of whitetails. The only thing I wish I had known when I started mule deer hunting is how bad I would truly be. And I was bad, terrible really.


Spot And Stalk: The Art of Hunting on Foot

The nice 5x5 mule deer appeared suddenly just before sundown. I was hunkered in a brush blind near a waterhole in Montan...

These days I’m better at hunting the big-eared prairie and mountain dwellers, but it has come at the cost of plenty of mistakes over the years. Trial and error while spotting and stalking has resulted in a firmer understanding of what to do — and what not do — during each individual stalk, and my success has slowly but steadily climbed.

If you’ve got visions of 30-inch wide, deep-forked bucks dancing through your head and just happen to be planning a mule deer hunt, listen up. Following are seven tips that will help you seal the deal once you do step out of the truck and inhale your first lung-full of that delicious, sage-scented western air.

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