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Why, When and Where to Hang Treestands

by Tony J. Peterson 0

The secret to killing big bucks for most hunters boils down to doing a lot of work. That’s it. It’s… more »

treestand preperation 101

The Bowhunter’s Guide to Stand Site Prep

by Barry Wensel 0

The satisfaction one gets out of any endeavor is usually proportional to what one puts into it. Proper stand preparation… more »


10 Creative Ways to Practice Summer Archery

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Far too many bowhunters target practice the exact same way every time. I don’t know about their shots on game but… more »


3 Secrets for Building a Mock Scrape

by Joe Blake 0

It was the day before the opening of North Dakota’s gun season, and I was perched 12 feet up in… more »


10 Best Tips to Harvesting Your Biggest Buck Ever

by Adam Hays 0

There’s nothing like staring down your arrow at a giant whitetail buck, and very few things can adequately prepare you… more »


How to Increase Your Effective Bowhunting Range

by Tony J. Peterson 0

June is the official get-serious-about-target-practice month for an awful lot of bowhunters. While it’s better to shoot year-round, if you’re… more »

Getting toms like these two strutting Merriam’s to commit to your decoys requires learning where turkeys like to go at different times of the day and using this information to your advantage when setting up on them.

3 Surefire Tips to Pattern Turkeys

by Kirk Clark 0

The first faint sliver of light cut the eastern horizon. Minutes passed, and the slight pink tinge of a brilliant… more »


8 Surefire Tips for Picking Your Shot on Turkeys

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Flubbed shots of all varieties can occur on game animals, with turkeys especially apt to bring on poor shooting. There… more »


How to Effectively Understand Whitetail Rubs

by Mark Morrison 0

A few years back, my workload was doing an excellent job of keeping me out of the deer woods, keeping… more »


10 Tips for October Whitetail Success

by Tony J. Peterson 0

I have a rule in life: I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs or music. I also don’t trust… more »

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