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5 Best Tips to Kill Whitetail Deer

by Tony J. Peterson 0

The typical rut-hunting strategy for most whitetailers is to find a pinch point or a funnel and then plant their… more »


A Recipe for Rut Success: Good Ground and Good Freedom

by Tony J. Peterson 0

When Chuck Smock invited me on a Cabela’s deer hunt, I declined. The reason, I told him, was that my schedule… more »


7 Rules for the Whitetail Rut

by Tony J. Peterson 0

We assign an otherworldly quality to the rut. For 11 months each year we think about November as the time… more »


How to Stop Trophy Bucks for the Perfect Shot

by Mark Kayser 0

As the whitetail buck attempted to cut off the estrous doe, he was definitely on a course for an arrow… more »


How to Properly Place Decoys

by Fred Eichler 0

I never thought I would consider a decoy a must-have part of my hunting equipment. I do now. In fact,… more »


How to Decoy for Close Shots

by Fred Eichler 1

Since early man first put a string on a piece of wood and used it to cast a little spear… more »


Overcoming the Highs and Lows of the Rut

by Tony J. Peterson 4

Guided whitetail hunts aren’t my thing. I love the process of scouting, hanging stands, and hunting. Quite frankly, I don’t… more »


A Whitetail Primer: How to Pattern Deer in the Rut

by Mark Morrison 4

If there’s one time of year bowhunters anticipate with uncontained enthusiasm, it’s the whitetail rut! It’s a time when normally… more »

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