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Back for Seconds: Alaska Brown Bear Hunt Pays Off

by Gus Congemi 6

I didn’t start hunting until I was 31 years old. I figure that cost me at least 10 good years…. more »


Handle with Care! How to Care for Game Meat in the Field

by Dwight Schuh 6

Recently, Bowhunter reader David Price wrote to ask me about game care in the field. Must you skin an animal… more »

Black bear

Bear Hunting: Science vs. Emotion

by Dr. Dave Samuel 5

Some of the most outspoken, aggressive opponents of hunting cannot be appeased. You can compromise till the cows come home, and… more »


Hot New Hunting Rigs For 2011

by Bowhunter Online Staff 4

By Tony J. Peterson, Equipment Editor No piece of archery equipment can approach the importance of a bow. Every year… more »

I'd spent a lifetime envisioning taking a grizzly with my bow, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to kill one of this magnitude.

The Pinnacle: #2 Boone and Crockett Grizzly of All Time

by Bowhunter Online Staff 1

The midnight sun inched its way along the horizon, creating a luminous glow on the tundra more beautiful than any… more »

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