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How to Avoid Breaking Local Game Laws

by Fred Eichler 9

“Really? That’s a law?” I have heard these words uttered a few times when going over Colorado regulations with clients… more »


The Advantages of Bowhunting Small Game

by Fred Eichler 4

The light lit up the frog’s eyes and an arrow flashed silently through the dark, skewering the green bullfrog to… more »


Tips for Tuning Your Traditional Arrow

by Fred Eichler 6

I have had only one opportunity in my life at an animal I would say was truly world class. It… more »

My 54-pound recurve has proven more than adequate to harvest any big game in North America. I’ve killed five bull moose with recurves of this draw weight.

How To Buy A New Traditional Bow

by Fred Eichler 18

by Fred Eichler Two days ago a bear broke into our chicken coop, killing three of our chickens. I was… more »

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