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Me and Mark H1

Preparing for a New Season of Bowhunter TV

by Curt Wells 1

I write these words from the Northern Territories of Australia as I sit by a campfire built with wood from… more »


All-Pro Javelina: Bowhunting Javelina with Justin Tuck

by Mike Carney 4

As New York Giant All-Pro defensive end Justin Tuck lined up the shot, I confirmed the yardage: “It’s 35 yards,”… more »


New York Giants’ Justin Tuck & Bowhunter TV in South Texas

by Bowhunter TV 4

  You’re not going to want to miss New York Giants’ two-time all-pro defensive end, Justin Tuck, this week on… more »

Picture 12

What’s Best for Defeating String Jumping: Increased Arrow Speed or Bow Noise Reduction?

by Brock Norman 2

Mike Carney and Curt Wells discuss whether or not increasing your arrow speed will help you connect on more shots… more »

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