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Quality Deer Management Misunderstood

by Bob Humphrey 7

The last afternoon of my Illinois hunt was unseasonably warm, which didn’t do much for my confidence. Things changed very… more »


10 Bowhunting Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

by Mark Kayser 9

Who likes to fess up to mistakes? I don’t. My dog doesn’t. Few of my friends do. The president rarely… more »


A Whitetailer’s Crutches: The Worst Excuses in Whitetail Hunting

by Tony J. Peterson 1

It was a perfect evening for deer hunting as I glassed the buck from beneath some cedar limbs. For private… more »


Dynamic Core Areas: The Advantages of Changing Hunting Locations

by C. J. Winand 5

One of the greatest advancements in the wildlife management field was the advent of radio telemetry equipment. This is where… more »

Doe in sunlight

Vantage Point: Who Says the Deer Population is Too Big?

by Curt Wells 28

Over the past several years, as I’ve traveled to hunt deer across the heart of whitetail country, I’ve noticed two… more »

This massive Illinois buck, taken by Mel Johnson, scores 204 4/8 and has held the number one spot for typical bowkills for 46 years. Does it validate the scoring system?

Vantage Point: How Important is a Buck’s Gross Score?

by Curt Wells 13

I have lots of pet peeves when it comes to the outdoor television industry and one that drives me crazy… more »

Campfire At Washout Creek

Entering the World of Outdoor Blogging

by Curt Wells 7

Well, here we go — my first entry into the outdoor blogosphere. Yeah, I know that’s not a real word… more »


An 11th Hour Victory for a Kansas Whitetail Buck

by Bowhunter TV 8

Nearing the very end of his Kansas whitetail buck hunt, Curt Wells watches a battled-hardened buck come up to his… more »


Bowhunting Kansas Whitetail Bucks

by Bowhunter TV 1

C.J. Winand heads to western Kansas to hunt big Kansas whitetail bucks in the prairies of the Sunflower state. After… more »


A Bowhunter’s Guide to Blood-Tracking Deer

by James D. Moore 9

The two key factors to recovering every arrow-shot deer are patience and practiced blood-trailing skills. Generally speaking, the more patient… more »

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