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Curt Wells: Vantage Point

A “Deer Slam” for Curt Wells in 2012?

by Curt Wells 0

Because this is the busiest time of year for me it seems I’m having difficulty finding time to do any… more »


Curt Wells’ Mountain Goat Hunt in British Columbia

by Curt Wells 0

“Curt, I’m planning our mountain goat hunt, and I’m wondering if you’re afraid of heights.” I wasn’t sure how to… more »

Me and Mark H1

Preparing for a New Season of Bowhunter TV

by Curt Wells 1

I write these words from the Northern Territories of Australia as I sit by a campfire built with wood from… more »

Asiatic Water Buffalo

Heading Down Under for Asiatic Water Buffalo Hunt

by Curt Wells 2

It seems like forever that I’ve been trying to get to Australia to sample their bowhunting opportunities. I’ve wanted to… more »

Carson and Gramps 2

Special Bowhunting Moments: My Grandson’s First Bow Kill

by Curt Wells 4

Throughout one’s bowhunting career, or whatever you want to call this thing we do, there are a few of those… more »

Doe in sunlight

Vantage Point: Who Says the Deer Population is Too Big?

by Curt Wells 28

Over the past several years, as I’ve traveled to hunt deer across the heart of whitetail country, I’ve noticed two… more »

This massive Illinois buck, taken by Mel Johnson, scores 204 4/8 and has held the number one spot for typical bowkills for 46 years. Does it validate the scoring system?

Vantage Point: How Important is a Buck’s Gross Score?

by Curt Wells 13

I have lots of pet peeves when it comes to the outdoor television industry and one that drives me crazy… more »

Campfire At Washout Creek

Entering the World of Outdoor Blogging

by Curt Wells 7

Well, here we go — my first entry into the outdoor blogosphere. Yeah, I know that’s not a real word… more »

Seminar at BowCast

Vantage Point: Knowledge is Gear and It’s Time to Gear Up!

by Curt Wells 1

One of the most attractive facets of bowhunting, at least for this bowhunter, is that it’s such a gear intensive… more »

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