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Randy Walk Buck: Hoyt President’s 226-Inch Megabuck

by Danny Farris 0

When the action beneath your treestand is slow, savvy whitetail hunters know that sometimes the best thing to do is… more »


Aggressive Treestand Tactics for Whitetails

by Jace Bauserman 3

It was a no-brainer—my game camera told the tale—at least a half-dozen shooters were cycling past my treestand every day…. more »


Robert Sopsich Buck: 182-Inch Michigan State Record

by Richard P. Smith 3

Records are meant to be broken. But when it comes to deer hunting, most records are broken by happenstance rather… more »


Late-Season Magic: Whitetail Tactics in December

by Lon E. Lauber 2

When the temperature drops and the snow flies, the peacefully silent deer woods seem magical. Snow-laden pine boughs droop with… more »


A Whitetailer’s Crutches: The Worst Excuses in Whitetail Hunting

by Tony J. Peterson 1

It was a perfect evening for deer hunting as I glassed the buck from beneath some cedar limbs. For private… more »


Dynamic Core Areas: The Advantages of Changing Hunting Locations

by C. J. Winand 5

One of the greatest advancements in the wildlife management field was the advent of radio telemetry equipment. This is where… more »


Hunter Exposed to Rabies After Field-Dressing Deer

by Dylan Polk 3

If you’re in the stand and see a deer that looks a little sick, chances are you might want to… more »

Zach Barker

Ohio 173 4/8-Inch Buck is 12-Year-Old’s Trophy

by Staff Report 21

Kill of a lifetime? Try two lifetimes. Ohio native Zach Barker, 12, killed this 11-point buck in Perry County in… more »

Stevens' buck

Monster Ohio Whitetail Could be Top 20 Typical

by Staff Report 36

You’re looking at one of the biggest backyard bucks ever killed with a bow. Ohio bowhunter Ronnie Stevens shot this… more »

Deer decoys

Deer Decoys in Action: The Double Setup

by Dan Greenawalt 11

If one deer decoy is effective, are two deer decoys twice as good? The date was Wednesday, November 10. I… more »

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