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A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Mike Carney cut his bowhunting teeth on burly Buckeye-State whitetails, and he has taken numerous Pope-and-Young-class whitetails across the Midwest. This accomplished stickbow shooter has also matched wits with all sorts of North American game, from antelope and mule deer, to elk and moose, to black bears, wild turkeys, and flying Asian carp, just to name a few. Not only is he an avid bowhunter, but he has chosen to do it the hard way as a traditional archer, hunting with both recurve and longbow. Mike currently keeps watch over big whitetail bucks from his home outside Peoria, Illinois, where he lives with his wife Heidi and his daughter Lauren.


In a bowhunting career spanning 31 years, across 23 states, 9 Canadian provinces/territories and 5 countries, Curt Wells has pursued 21 species of game with a bow and arrow. Curt’s writing career grew from regular columns and feature articles in various local, regional and national publications and the sale of his first magazine article to Bowhunter Magazine in 1985. That relationship grew until he was named Equipment Editor in 2003. In 2005, Bowhunter TV came along and Curt began hunting on camera and writing scripts until 2009 when he was named co-host of the show. That same year he wrote his first book The Modern Bowhunter – Geared Up!, and served as editor of the Pope and Young Club’s Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer, Third Edition. In 2011 Curt was named editor of Bowhunter Magazine, capping off his career as an outdoor writer. He lives and works in Wahpeton, North Dakota with his wife of 37 years, Patti.


Episode 1 – Coues Deer Dilemma
Welcome to Season 10 of Bowhunter TV! In this first episode, Editor Curt Wells and Producer Danny Farris head to the Arizona rim country in search of notoriously hard-to-come-by desert whitetails. With the gray ghosts thoroughly under Danny’s skin, he returns for a summer hunt over water and gets a real surprise. Don’t miss it! In “Tech Talk,” Mike Carney and Equipment Editor Tony Peterson cover some solid youth bow choices, and in in Editor Curt Wells’ “Moment of Truth” hunting tip you’ll learn about spotting and stalking in the desert.

Episode 2 – Texas Two-Step
Chasing hogs in the Texas Hill Country is a sure cure for the winter blues, and in this off-season tune-up Editor Curt Wells and Assistant Editor Brian Fortenbaugh head to the famous Barnes-Keith Ranch. The editors spot and stalk and employ blinds to get into barbecue range. In our second “Tech Talk” of the season, you’ll pick up some pointers on sizing up a bow’s axle-to-axle length and why that’s important. And in pro archer Randy Ulmer’s popular “Dead On” column, you’ll learn about using exercise bands for archery conditioning.

Episode 3 – Little Deer
In our second Coues deer episode of the year, “Hunting Whitetails” Columnist C.J. Winand and long-time Contributor and recurve shooter Larry D. Jones head to Arizona after desert whitetails. Both hunters experience the many challenges of hunting these wily little deer and are more than happy to fill their tags. In “Tech Talk,” gear experts Mike Carney and Tony Peterson explain the mysterious concept of dynamic efficiency. And later, in Editor Curt Wells’ “Moment of Truth” segment, you’ll learn how to deal with known string-jumpers.

Episode 4 – Greenland Reindeer
In this very special episode, Editor Curt Wells and friends make a historic trip to Greenland in search of muskox and, in what is believed to be a first for U.S. bowhunters, put the stalk on Greenland caribou. In true adventure travel form, Curt and company make the lengthy journey via air, land, and sea, and then make the most of their hunting amidst spectacular scenery. In “Tech Talk,” Mike Carney and Tony Peterson show why it’s important to understand and properly adjust your bowsight’s 2nd and 3rd axis, and in “Dead On,” pro archery Randy Ulmer will talk about measuring draw length.

Episode 5 – Winter Bull
Get ready to throw another log on the fire as “Hunting Whitetails” Columnist C.J. Winand heads to northern Alberta in search of wood bison. This is a true endurance test featuring long days, plunging temperatures, thigh-deep snow – and one big, wooly critter. In “Tech Talk,” Mike Carney and Equipment Editor Tony Peterson talk about what you can learn from a shooting machine, and later, in the “Moment of Truth” segment, Editor Curt Wells will teach you how to prep for cold weather bowhunting.

Episode 6 – Missed Opportunities
Unfortunately, the Bowhunter crew knows only too well that sometimes the best way to learn is through your mistakes. In this educational episode, the staff will re-live some of their mistakes, close calls, and misses near and far. Also in this program’s “Tech Talk” segment, Host Mike Carney and Equipment Editor Tony Peterson achieve proper bow balance with accessories, and Randy Ulmer’s “Dead On” segment finishes up with tips on making adjustments to draw length.

Episode 7 – Cornhusker Birds
In this exciting episode, Producer Danny Farris, Hoyt friend Jeremy Eldredge, and their entourage of sons make the pilgrimage to Nebraska bird land. If you love the heart-pounding thrills of hunting spring gobblers, this is the show for you! Also in this program’s “Tech Talk” segment, Host Mike Carney and Equipment Editor Tony Peterson discuss technical strides that have been made in value binoculars, and in “Moment of Truth,” Editor Curt Wells focuses on proper ground blind setup for turkeys.

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