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2010 September Issue Of Bowhunter

|  November 4th, 2010 0

Check out what’s on tap in the latest issue of Bowhunter Magazine

Going Back – Pg. 56 When you finally draw a coveted whitetail tag, you’d better be a booker, not a looker. By C.J. Winand

Do Deer Have a Sixth Sense? – Pg. 62Sometimes you cannot explain how deer unexplainably detect you, but new science may have the answers.By Dr. Dave Samuel, Conservation Editor

Double Trouble – Pg. 70If tough conditions conspire to threaten your hunt, dig a little deeper into your bag of whitetail tricks. By Curt Wells, Equipment Editor

30 years – Pg. 74Half a lifetime seems too long to wait for a trophy buck, but for a deer like this one, time means nothing. By Shawn Bennett

Cutting Corners – Pg. 77Any time you’re hunting new country for whitetails, the simple approach often produces the best results. By robert barteck

Be in the Tree – Pg. 80 Common knowledge says to never overhunt a given stand site. So why would this guy defy common knowledge? By Clay Newcomb

Curt wells gives some whitetail tips when the going gets tough in the “Double Trouble” feature on page 70…

Equipment Notes: Aggressive Deer Calls – Pg. 82 When the deer refuse to cooperate, use these tools to give them an earful.By Brian Fortenbaugh, Assistant Editor

Triple Take – Pg. 84 With bull elk falling around you like trees, you’d better bring a sharp knife and a strong back. By Rik Hinton

The Pope and Young Club Celebrates 50 years – Pg. 88 Yes, this organization keeps the archery records, but even more, it fights the good fight for all of bowhunting.By M.R. James, founder

30 years for a trophy buck? Learn about it on page 74 by Shawn Bennett

Ice Age – Pg. 96 A resident of Iowa who rejoices at -40 weather has to be totally crazy — or planning a musk ox bowhunt. By Dr. Eyad Yehyawi

On the Road Again – pg. 102Pronghorn antelope have a way of filling your heart with good memories and your head with anticipation. By Dan Martin

2010 YHEC Winning Essay – Pg. 113 His solid sales pitch on bowhunting bought this teenager an adventure hunt for black bears. By Grant Gagliardi

Common knowledge says to never overhunt a given stand site. So why would this guy defy common knowledge? Let Clay Newcomb explain on page 80.

Promised Land – Pg. 114You can argue for hunting the extremes, but you’ll kill bigger bucks when you settle for the middle ground. By Shawn W. Harding

Bleed – pg. 12by Cameron R. Hanes”The Wannabe” – When you imitate someone worthy of imitation, you can pride yourself in being an imitator.

Adventuresome Bowman – pg. 18 by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.”A Dangerous Game” – “I find it much more stressful to be the guide carrying the rifle than the hunter carrying the bow”

Hunting Big Game – pg. 26by Chuck Adams”Trouble With Mountain Lions” – When you think a hunt is going to be easy, you have a hard time conceiving how hard it might really be.

Tried & True – pg. 34by Curt Wells, Equipment Editor”Roundtable Roundup” – An inside look at this year’s new products reveals plenty for bowhunters to get excited about.

Fit to Hunt – pg. 120by Dan Staton, MS, PES”Pillars of Strength” – To prevent slump in your archery, eliminate the slump in your body.

Know Hunting – pg. 122by Dr. Dave Samuel, Conservation Editor”Desert Bighorns Decline” – Mountain lions take a toll on sheep on the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona.

Maggie’s Meanderings – pg. 124by John “Maggie” McGee”Sort Of” – If you think planting food plots for deer really stinks, you’re right

The Wild Side – pg. 134by Dwight Schuh, Editor”The Mule Man” – some people are for real and some are not. This guy was.

Editorial Thoughts from the Editor – pg. 4
Between Bowhunters Letters From Bowhunter Readers – pg. 10
Bowhunter’s Journal News, Issues, and Events – pg. 48
What’s New The Latest Hunting Products – pg. 110
Hot Deer Gear Special Section Introducing New Gear – pg. 128
Where To Go∕Marketplace Special Advertising Sections – pg. 130
Ask bowhunter Our Staff Answers Your Questions – pg. 133

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