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Zimbabwe Officials Defend Trump Brothers’ Hunt

by Bowhunter Online Staff   |  April 2nd, 2012 19
Trump brothers

Donald Trump Jr., left, and Eric Trump pose with a dead leopard shot during a 2010 hunt in Zimbabwe.

By now, you’ve probably heard all the hoopla over Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, and the photos of their 2010 African safari, which showed the brothers posing next to a dead leopard, cape buffalo, crocodile, elephant and others.

What you might not know is how The Junior Donald contacted our friends over at Petersen’s Hunting, who relayed a report from The Associated Press, which made allusions to a Zimbabwe task force launching an investigation into the hunt, citing allegations that it was conducted illegally.

Donald Trump Jr. forwarded over a letter from the director-general of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, Vitallis Chadenga, which in a nutshell said there was no “official investigation,” that protocol was followed on the hunt and that no part of the hunt was illegal.

“The only investigation which should occur is that of the “anti-hunting” organizations who are peddling untruths falsely represented as facts,” Chadenga wrote, adding that hunting is an integral part of the Zimbabwe economy, and a good chunk of the money goes toward wildlife preservation in Zimbabwe.

For more on this story, visit our friends at Petersen’s Hunting!

  • Tom from Texas

    The lesson to be learned is "don't show off your trophy in public". Just as the good hunter does not drive down the road with a deer head hanging out the back of his truck, public figures should keep their hunting success a private matter. Let's not give the anti-hunting and anti-gun liberals any amunition to attack our freedoms.

    • Brandon

      I respectfully disagree. The Trumps were not grotesque in there picture, which regardless of pictures or not, was going to get under the skin of some liberal activists. If they showed the elephant taken, it is likely they wouldnt show the families killed or the village feasting so as long as its not local hunting affected, which I'd understand overkill caution, then this is a great teachable moment for the general public.

    • jesse

      Tom from Texas you have a problem. You are probably from East Texas. I agree with Brandon and Dominic. I know that a a good ole boy from West Texas would not have that kind of mentality toward hunting.

    • Paul Kovalcik

      You should be proud to show your trophy. After scoring on 2 nice 8 points on one opening morning I proudly drove with my tailgate down. I got a lot of thumbs up from other drivers. I will admit that some moms at my kids school weren't happy but its who I am, what I do and I'm damnable proud of it!!!

  • Dominic

    Why cant you show off your trophy? If you do not like it close your eyes or turn the other way. There is nothing wrong with showing it I was glad to see such a nice looking animal.

    • mathews man

      I agree, if i would shoot a leopard i would want to display it. Tom from Texas if you dont like hunting, much less dispay the animal, and are some what against it . why are you on a hunting site?

  • Jesse

    Tom from Texas you have a problem. You are probably from East Texas. I agree with Brandon and Dominic. I know that a a good ole boy from West Texas would not have that kind of mentality toward hunting.

  • jesse

    You didn't say where you were from so I guess you are from East Texas

  • Tripod

    Well put grizz,how can you argue with that?

  • John Rhodes

    By what right do these two idiots with too much money and too much free time have to conduct a senseless slaughter of an innocent and beautiful creature . It sure doesn't take very much skill to point a gun at an elephant and kill it . You can't miss , as for the leopard it was a youngster .it wasn't given the chance to live long enough to learn skills which would have kept it away from these plonkers.
    I wonder how brave the trump boys would be if they decided to hunt something that could shoot back . If they are so keen on killing let them join the military and do some time in Afghanistan along with the brave military families who's lives are in danger everyday . Want to give it a try Donald jnr and Eric ?.. No I didn't think so ! Not so brave when your life is at risk

    • Heath

      Spoken like someone that has never held a gun or hunted as both take skill indeed.

    • Paul

      What the hell. Hey John try googling elephant hunting videos. That rant was definatley the writing of a treehugger who couldn't tell the differance between a bear cub and a 5yr old boar if it bit him in the rear. Stick to watching the Veiw with the rest of your kind.

  • hunter boy

    tom didnt act like a non hnter, he justdoesnt want it on nbc where thestory can be slanted

  • nick

    lol john your an idiot that knows nothing of hunting so you shouldnt even be on this web page

  • Katie

    I just hope they ate their catch. I was taught you never just hunt to be hunting, you eat your kill or you give it to someone who will. As for the Leopard, That was a a bs kill. For one they are endangered I would never kill something on a list like that. Guess money can buy you anything though.

    • Dan O

      Apparently you did not read the entire story. That 'money' that you hate so much went toward wildlife preservation and the kill was legal, as the officials from Zimbabwe have stated. Geez people , read the dang story. But then again libs can't handle the truth, so it makes no difference what is said.
      And for some of the other posts, wth?, forgive me, but is this not a hunting site? Oh wait, forgot we have the lib poachers.
      If you don't like it don't read it or subscribe.
      And to John 'buttwipe' Rhodes, I come from a strong military family, and we hunt. So leave the bs military comments to yourself, you only show the true coward that you are

  • Yote Yeller

    Katie, your not very bright are you? Money can buy you a leopard, if you can afford to hunt it just like anyone else with money. John Rhodes, you are a complete and utter waste of human existance. I would like to see you go to Africa and just point a gun at an elephant and kill it, then watch it trample your common sensless life to death. As a current military member, your argument for hunting and being in the military makes absolutely no sense. Hunting is not just about killing, it is a release from the everyday stresses of life, it is time spent with friends and family, it is challenging yourself against all of the advantages that animals have over humans…vision, hearing, smell. If every hunter killed something every time he/she went out, hunting would be pointless. Tom, are you even a hunter? If so then why are you taking the liberal approach and hiding your passion for hunting. BS…you have every right to put your trophy/hunting pictures online or wherever else you might post them. Like with anything else, be ready for other peoples opinion and voices. That is another one of those amazing right's that we as Americans have.

    • Nithin

      “Hunting is not about killing, it is a release from the everyday stresses of life.”
      So that’s your solution??? If your boss screws up your day, get on the flight to africa and kill an animal? How much of a narrow-minded idiot do you have to be to think hunting is the only stress reliever there exists… Music, reading, Tv, a nice walk?? Heard of any of these stuff….And you talk as if you’re a brave man “challenging yourself” against all of the advantage that animals have???? You’re holding a fucking gun. I really look up to you man! Pulling a trigger with your finger is so brilliant!!!! I dare you to face a single thing you have hunted barehanded. And finally your pride filled ass said “This is another one of those amazing rights that we have as americans”.Yes and a 122 other countries have it too you dumbass! Look at you! You’re pathetic! How can anyone justify killing for pleasure. Even the so called uncivilised tribes around the world only kill if absolutely necessary. FOR PLEASURE?? How dare you!

  • Johnny

    I understand wanting to have some fun. Still, there should've been better ways than this to get an adrenaline rush. They just lessened the chance others will get to find a deal to enjoy these creatures peacefully.

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