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Video Big Game Moose

Moose Attack!!!!

by Bowhunter Online Staff   |  June 13th, 2011 49

Bowhunter TV personality Dwight Schuh puts the sneak on a bull moose and gets within four yards. As he drops the hammer, the bull’s reaction is any bowhunter’s big game nightmare…a full-on charge.


  • MtnMan

    Bet Dwight had skid marks in his undies after that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peter Hlavin

      I guess most you boys doen’t know who Dwight Schuh is !!!!! You couldn’t carry his hunting boots let alone his jock strap !!!!!!! Please !!!!!!


    way to go Dwight!

  • steelhorseman

    great bull !!

  • defenceless

    Why would anyone want to do this to such a magnificent creature? May you both die long, lingering, painful deaths, you pair of dickheads!

    • LA Whitetail

      Shut up STUPID

    • Hmmmmm….

      Only a true dickhead would wish death on someone else. The irony of it is you are probably against the death penalty and pro-choice I'll bet. And I'll bet you've never eaten meat either right? Douche.

    • Greg Kensett

      He hunts in order to have lived life to the fullest.Dont comment on things you dont comprehend.Go to the caffe or Malls.

    • James

      There is one in every crowd. Do everyone, including yourself, a favor and dont talk or type anything ever again.

      NICE BULL!

    • emaciated

      it didn't look very defenseless when it charged. that guy could have died.

    • HUNTER

      we are putting food on the table because god created animals for humans to eat

    • applepickers

      Takes one to call one.

    • thegreatwhitehunter

      If you are against hunting why did you even come to a hunting web site dickhead!!! DUH!!! They are hunting.Nice bull hopefully one day I can do the same.

    • myarrowshoyt

      you are a worthless piece of trash and propably a liberal i bet obama got your vote!

      Close call and nice bull!

      • A.B

        Y u blame obama for his words another hater don't need people like u in the woods!!!!!!

      • FireFighter Sly

        Hey President Obama Sir, He Got my vote and I Hunt. Stick to the Idiot that made the statement..

    • Will Thunder

      You spelled your name wrong. There's no c in defenseless, moron. I knew you were a phony, DICKHEAD, which must be your real name since you spelled that one right. Yeah, let's hear it for PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals).

    • proudhunter

      another clueless antihunter heard from again!!

    • hoyt guy

      cut the bad talk

    • mike

      holy shit. you are a friggin dumbass! if we're not supposed to kill em and eat them how come god made them out of meat?!

  • Darren

    What the hell are you doing on a this site for? Go eat some tofu. Ever eat meat or use anything made from an animal? hipocrite.

    • James

      I agree. You are on a Bowhunting site. What did you think you were going to see? Robin Hood & his merry men.

      • hoyt guy

        awsome speech

      • mike

        haha. thats funny right there!

  • 1 shot

    that moose looked like a bull dozer when it charged him! amazing how close that was.

  • Jesse

    I bet defenceless voted for Obama too!!

    • A.B

      I bet u vote the way others want u too vote because u moma boy.

      • whitetailsgalore

        OUCH! I'm sure that Jesse was very hurt by that comment, A.B.

    • Buck

      Whats wrong with O'Bama asshole?He hasn't mention one word about GUNS yet,Winchester,Remington,Federal and all the rest love him.They now have shifts 24/7 making ammo and can't make enough, that enclude Blackhills also.He is the COMMANDER IN CHIEF and he did win the ELECTION…By the why what branch of servive we're you in,,,if any and did you vote???

      • jmak706

        ill keep my guns, my money and my freedom… you can keep the Change!!!!

  • quest

    thats an amazing hunt!!! great moose!!! and really if you dont like hunting steer clear of bowhunting sights becasue you know its gonna be up close and personal every time!!! just how we bowhunters like it !

  • ryan

    you got that right but that bull was a little to close for comfort. and what was he thinkin when he said that.

  • Lovetohunt

    Wish I could go on a hunt like that and shoot a big bull up close, but can't walk to good anymore. Go and get them while your able Dwight. Someday you'll wish you could have hunted more.

    Nice moose

  • robert grant

    "i`ve just had to change my undies after watching that top man Dwight

  • Jack

    Nice bull and a close call. That would certainly get the old blood pumping. Nothing better than carrying on, and getting to enjoy to the fullest one of man`s oldest and most coveted sports. In most places, if it weren`t for the hunter, there would be no wild animals for all to enjoy. The hunter is the cornerstone of animal management and insuring that they are around for generations to enjoy.

  • http://coffeeman Kelly Rose

    What an awesome piece of footage. Great hunt, great calling and most of all, great job videotaping that! The photographer was right there too! Thank you very much for the effort it took to share that.

  • C.D.

    To bad the Bull Moose could not have killed the hunter too.. Then he could be just like "Hatchet Jack" And he could say that he kilt the Moose that killed him ….

  • bob

    no comments on the fact that he took a fairly poor shot. You could see he could barely hold the bow at full draw any longer.They probably edited out the part where the outfitter pulled out his bow and followed up with a finishing shot.

    • Razor

      No watch it again. He comes up from the ground without his bow. Remember he was on the ground waiting for the bull to crush him and then the Bull backs off and dies. Just feet from where they were standing. Please watch again. Hunters saved the wild deer( as well as other animals) population in most states and we look out for their well being as well as harvesting to feed ourselves. Rethink your attitude towards hun ting please. Try sitting in a blind or stand and just watch animals walk by. I do it all the time and yes I let deer walk by me without shooting them. Thank you my fellow hunters for the wildlife you helped save.

      • proudhunter

        great reply razor! i do the same thing myself. there's nothing like the great outdoors! praise the lord for such a awsome creation!!!

  • mike

    i think the bull charged cuz dwight had that piece of crap mathews… everyone knows moose are hoyt fans!

  • Kurt

    Like Bob says, that's bad shot. Was he expecting to hit vitals on that angle? That moose got a follow up or the night to die. Doing that is asking for trubble.

  • Rock

    I am sure Dwight would of liked a better angle on the bull, but in the few seconds that he had he felt confident enough to take the shot. I think most of us would of done the same. How often in bow hunting do we get the perfect angle and a long time to think about the shot. A lot of times it is a snap decision. Its all about confidence in your ability to make a killing shot, and thats what Dwight did! Congradulations on a bull of a life time Dwight! Thank God PETA is not in charge of conservation and wild life management and thank God most people look at them as the knot heads they really are!

  • Jmak706


    • hoyt guy


  • chris

    good shot… good kill … thats what its all about ….. clean and pure…. well done

  • losh

    way back when real men were hunting to feed their tribe those 2 clowns would probably do the dishes

  • cowboycholo

    what a rush in two ways

  • Dave David

    GUT SHOT MOOSE @ 7 yards……… wow Dwight

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