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CWD Affects Antler Restrictions

by Dr. Dave Samuel 0

It seems that at least once a year I devote some column space to chronic wasting disease, and the reason… more »


Test Yourself! A Quality Deer Management Quiz

by Dr. Dave Samuel 7

Most bowhunters appreciate learning ways to manage for big bucks. Maybe that’s why thousands of us attend the Quality Deer… more »


Don’t Sleep on Canadian Whitetails

by Brian Fortenbaugh 0

The more I thought about it, the weirder it seemed. In my 15 years as assistant editor of this magazine,… more »


DIY: In Pursuit of Velvet Whitetails

by Tony J. Peterson 0

When I was growing up, I could never understand the articles I read about hunting early-season whitetails. Nearly every one… more »

treestand preperation 101

The Bowhunter’s Guide to Stand Site Prep

by Barry Wensel 0

The satisfaction one gets out of any endeavor is usually proportional to what one puts into it. Proper stand preparation… more »


Why You Should Change Your Bowhunting Strategy

by Stace Acup 0

For years, I had always prepared for bow season with the same overall approach: Put up deer stands in July… more »


6 Tips for Glassing Summer Bucks

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Conventional summer scouting wisdom suggests mounting a tripod to your truck window and driving around to find bachelor groups. For… more »


Tips for Planning an OTC Hunt

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Every year a couple of premier hunting states raise their nonresident license fees. For example, Kansas just announced another increase… more »


Shed Dog Training Done Wrong

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Recently I ran across two separate articles on training shed dogs. Both were of the Internet, Five-Easy-Steps-To variety, so I’ll… more »


Crucial Gear for a DIY Hunt

by Tony J. Peterson 0

Most whitetail bowhunters who leave their home grounds to pursue whitetails do so in November. As much as the rut… more »

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