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Ultra-Bright Sights

Ultra-Bright Sights

As a cutting-edge bowhunter, you shouldn't accept compromises; not in yourself, and especially not in your equipment. If you find a flaw in your shooting form or an accessory, it should soon be history.


Nowhere is this truer than with bowhunting sights. You want ultra-bright aiming points for those dawn and dusk shooting scenarios? You've got it. You want a sight that won't fail you even when subjected to blatant abuse? You've got it! And besides the finest, brightest aiming points to date and ruggedness that won't let you down during a rough and tumble bowhunt or season long assault, today's new sights provide easier adjustment capabilities, surer lockdowns and sleek and lightweight designs assuring you make every hard-earned shot opportunity count.

Quality sight options are more plentiful than ever. The models described below offer features that likely make the sight currently on your bow obsolete.

Apex Gear
The Axim Series includes one-piece aperture/pin housing and extra-long, fully-protected wrapped fibers. Stainless-steel tubes protect fibers, while a unique, dual-end fiber design creates pin brightness without bulk. The 1.8-inch, luminescent shooting aperture accepts scope lenses and holds a level. A reversible mounting bracket allows greater vertical adjustability, laser marks providing accurate windage, elevation and pin positioning.

Choose from direct or quick-detach bracket mounts, both with micro push-button light; in 4-pin (.010-, .019- or .029-inch diameter) and 6-pin (.010- or .019-inch diameter).

Contact: Apex Gear, 877-701-2739,


Axel Sights by T.R.U. Ball
Armortech-HD sights include pin fibers encased in metal tubing, extensions protected by a clear housing. A single-piece aperture, micro-adjustable linkage (with 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments) and Mathews Damper-equipped (HD) three-position, direct-mount bracket creates a formidable package. The True Center Vision (T.C.V.) aperture includes "hourglass" contour for circular sighting even when viewed askew. Tool-less elevation and windage knobs include 20-clicks-per-revolution adjustability, pins micro adjusted via a single adjustment knob. The bubble level can be positioned either top or bottom.

Available in 4-, 5-, or 7-pin models, with .010- or .019-inch diameter pins.

Contact: Axcel Sights, 434-929-2800,

Axion Archery
The Simplex Loc with Spider Claw mount is an all-metal sight built to absorb plenty of punishment without undue weight. Each sports two to three feet of .010- or .020-inch diameter fiber for ultra-bright aiming points. Other features include simple but solid dovetail windage and elevation adjustments, 1.75-inch white-accented aperture ring for fast peep alignment and blue light. Spider Claw mounting allows no-tools removal for travel but remains rock solid while in place. Available in black, Realtree AP HD and Mathews' Lost Camo patterns in 3-, 4-, 5- and 7-pin models.

Contact: Axion Archery, 330-343-0900,

Black Gold
FlashPoint RedZone sights include five or seven pins, the bottom pair anodized red for faster identification during longer shots. They are linked to Inch Wheel Adjustment, knurled brass disks linked to each pin and calibrated so a single turn equals one inch at 20 yards. Direct-mount brackets provide 2nd and 3rd axis adjustability. FiberTrack all-metal pins (.019-inch diameter) protect fiber from damage, Delrin bushings creating smooth movement. Streamlined SkyCoil Technology is at the heart of FlashPoint's ultra-bright aiming points, extended fiber coiled on top to absorb more light, protected by a remarkable photochromatic shell that adjusts to ambient light to prevent pins from become overwhelming in bright light and allowing more light in during low-light hours.

Look for them in black or camo anodize.

Contact: Black Gold Premium Bowsights, 800-336-0853,

Boomslang Plus 6 and 4 are lightweight, compact designs milled from solid aluminum.

The 2-inch aperture includes a glow-orange aperture ring for quick peep alignment and holds six or four fully-protected, .019-inch diameter all-metal pins. Each sight carries more than six feet of spooled fiber for extra-bright pins, plus a rheostat light is available for still more low-light brightness. Look for them in black, Realtree Hardwoods HD and Lost Camo.

Contact: Cobra Manufacturing Co., Inc., 800-352-6272,

Copper John
The BattleAxe is a nail-tough, all-metal sight including new IronClad fiber; .029-inch diameter material able to support more than 10 pounds without failing. SGT (Speed Gap Technology) metal pins are backed by extra-long fiber wrapped around the 1.95-inch aperture and protected by clear, impact-resistant plastic. It holds three .019- or .029-inch diameter pins, with fiber that can be quickly replaced in the field. The jeweled-orange highlighted aperture assures rapid peep alignment and also dampens vibrations. It includes a bubble level and comes in black, Realtree Hardwoods and Lost Camo finishes.

Contact: Copper John Corp., 315-258-9269,

Custom Bow Equipment
The Sniper is a Scott Archery designed sight that includes a mounting bracket with three unique, offset positions to facilitate a wide range of vertical adjustment. It includes a bright white peep-alignment ring and incorporated bubble level. The all-aluminum sight includes extra-thin steel pins in .010-, .019- or .029-inch diameters. Available in dovetail or micro-adjust models.

Contact: Custom Bow Equipment, 606-663-2734,

Extreme Archery Products
The Bone Collector 1100 epitomizes ultimate toughness, brightness and convenience.

The pin guard, tool-less adjustment linkage and mounting bracket are machined aluminum, holding four full-capture metal .010-, .019- or .029-inch pins. Extended fiber rides in clear plastic tubing, routed through the mounting bracket center. The 2-inch aperture includes a bright-orange peep-centering ring that accept 2x, 3x, 4x or 6x lenses.

It's Tail Light System compatible and can be had in Realtree AP, APG and Hardwoods Green HD, o

r Mathews' Lost Camo.

Contact: Extreme Archery Products, 606-928-9447,

FUSE Accessories
The Maxxis is machined from aluminum and holds durable Metal Optic Pins, each backed by more than five feet of ultra-bright fiber optic material held in protective spools. It includes 2nd and 3rd axis leveling capabilities, precision dovetail adjustment with micro-adjust, silky-smooth travel and your choice of .019- or .029-inch diameter pins. They also hold exclusive ShockRod Technology to eliminate noise and vibrations.

The Maxxis is available in 3- or 5-pin models, standard or micro adjustable, and covered in black or Realtree APG camouflage.

Contact: FUSE Accessories, 801-363-2990,

G5 Outdoors
The Optix XR2 includes magnesium alloy construction, which is 32-percent lighter than aluminum with equal strength. A Hooded Visor, built-in rubber Arrow Bumper at the one-piece sight window bottom, white-accented peep-alignment ring, harmonic dampener, 3rd axis tuning, optional LED rheostat light and rock-solid micro adjustments are also included. A top-position micro-adjustable Generation 2.0 Smart Pin and bottom Hybrid Floating (moveable), dial-operated Smart Pin assures uncluttered long-range shooting. Options include .019- or .029-inch pins and Realtree Hardwoods finish.

Contact: G5 Outdoors LLC, 866-456-8836,

Hind Sight
The Hind Sight PathFinder is designed for those who want to eliminate their peep for faster target acquisition and low-light shooting capabilities, while also taming bow torque. Eliminating the peep also increases arrow speed by reducing mid-point string weight. The PathFinder includes a single vertical TruGlo TFO Pin that dials up and down in unison with the luminescent rear crosshairs for pinpoint aiming at any range. It can also be range adjusted while at full draw.

Contact: Hind Sight, Inc., 734-878-2842,

Impact Archery
Flex Series sights are lightweight and highly compact, featuring machined aluminum mounting bracket and adjustment linkage and a tough, 1.75-inch diameter poly pin guard.

Each holds 1.5-2.5 feet of .020-inch fiber optic material in clear, protective tubing extending through the mounting bracket for excellent low-light pin visibility. They feature straight-forward dovetail windage and elevation adjustment. They come in black or Realtree AP camouflage in 3- and 5-pin models.

Contact: Impact Archery, 770-521-9173,

The Prism-Lite Sight uses Light-Trap Collection Technology (think magnifying glass) to intensify ambient light reaching fiber-optic material in all light conditions. The new, lighter design includes 3- or 5-pin models equipped with .019- or .029-inch fiber/metal Thin Pins, 2-inch, white-accented peep-alignment ring with bubble level and milled-aluminum construction. They are offered in soft matte Black or Next Generation G-1 Camouflage finishes.

Contact: LimbSaver/Sims Vibration Laboratory, 360-427-6031,

PSE Archery
Engineered to perform under the harshest conditions, Eclipse sights include one-piece, machined-aluminum housing, dead-nuts, dependable dovetail or micro-adjustable windage and elevation and a rugged machined mounting base. The Eclipse includes dovetail adjustments; the Eclipse Micro threaded micro-adjustment. Each includes a 2-inch, lens-capable aperture and holds five .019-inch, high-quality fiber-optic/metal pins and bubble level. The Eclipse Pro includes a longer extension bar and micro adjustment.

Contact: PSE Archery, 520-884-9065,

Schaffer Performance Archery
The Opposition Sight sports alternating pins set on opposite sides of the round, chartreuse-accented aperture for zero pin gap made easy. This also allows you to set up opposing pins for either odd or even ranges for less confusion under pressure. Pin fibers are protected by stainless steel and Teflon tubing and the sight includes all-aluminum construction. Pivot Lock Attachment System allows removing the sight in seconds, but maintains zero after reinstalling. Available models are Backwoods (four fiber pins) or Backcountry (one fiber and seven stainless steel pins).

Contact: Schaffer Performance Archery, 952-894-6169,

The Right On is built to perform in the toughest conditions. It includes heavy-duty clamping screws, precision-installed bubble level, individually micro-adjustable metal pins, one-piece round pin guard with bright-white alignment ring and vertical aiming wire. Each pin is adjusted on a pivot for automatic zero pin gap, and fiber aiming points are extended and aperture-wrapped to offer added brightness. They are offered in 3-, 5- or 7-pin models (.010-, .019- or .029-inch diameter) with choice of large or small pin guard.

Contact: Spot-Hogg, 888-302-7768,

Sure-Loc Archery Products
The new QC 2 is simple yet reliable, with bright aiming points, lightweight engineering, easy adjustments and Quick-Change (QC) Pin Modules allowing you to switch pin sets as needed for changing setups and hunts. Dead-on .0015-inch micro windage adjustment, Isogrid pin guard and extension bar, easy-slide individual metal Thin Pin and gang elevation adjustment, dual-track pin system for tight gapping, 3rd-axis leveling and non-glare bubble level are included. Fiber extends through the side of the sight, protected by clear plastic tubing for bright aiming. Choose from 4- or 5-pin models with .010-, .019- or .029-inch diameter steel/fiber pins; offered in black anodize, Realtree APG HD or Lost Camo.

Contact: Sure-Loc Archery Products, 812-689-9926,

Rugged, bright and highly functional are features of Toxonics' SoloPro ST DT Series. A single row of overlapping, snag-proof, rigid-steel pins provide perfectly-aligned aiming points; Metal Optic Pins engineered to achieve zero pin gap in bows shooting up to 360 fps. This also allows multiple diameter pin configurations and custom configurations, say, placing highly visibility, .029-inch pins on top, thinner .010 on the bottom. Solotrak pins are numbered to make arrangement easy. The one-piece pin guard is machined from a single piece of aluminum and the dovetail mount allows custom length and instant removal.

Contact: Toxonics Archery Sights, 800-748-8083,

Trophy Ridge
The Judge makes sight in instantaneous. Sight in two pins and the lead screw adjustment sets the remaining distances for you. The 5-pin sight is made from lightweight, rugged aluminum; .019-inch, MIM steel pins each backed by 18 inches of extended and wrapped fiber and encased in clear plastic. The aperture includes contrast Glo Ring with Spectral Distribution Technology for f

ast peep alignment and holds a large bubble level. An enclosed Rheostat Sight Light is optional.

Contact: Trophy Ridge, 800-694-9494,

The Micro Brite features stainless-steel pins, with smaller diameters marking longer ranges, each backed by extra-long, highly protected, aperture-wrapped fibers. Ultra-fine click windage and elevation adjustment requires no tools. Pins align precisely for zero pin gap, and the round, luminescent-accented aperture has a 1.8-inch diameter. The one-piece pin housing, adjustment linkage and reversible mounting bracket are all high-grade aluminum. The sights also include a push-button light built into a chamber to reduce unwanted glare. They're available in 3- and 5-pin models with your choice of pin diameters. A dovetail quick-detach extension bracket is another available option.

Contact: TruGlo, Inc., 888-887-8456,

Viper Archery Products
Head-to-toe aluminum and stainless-steel pins make the Quickset 2500 2-Pin hugely dependable, while two vertical pins, each backed with two feet of fiber optic material encased around the pin guard, makes them bright. The white-accented pin guard includes Viper logos around its circumference for instant peep centering, the oversized bubble level assuring consistency. The 2-Pin Quickset come with two .019- or .029-inch diameter pins, equipped with some of the toughest fiber around. Choose from Mathews Lost Camo and Realtree's AP, APG, Hardwoods, Hardwoods Green or Advantage Max-4.

Contact: Viper Archery Products, 740-894-6100,

Vital Gear
The StarTrack mover sight offers highly unique features. First, the .019- or .029-inch Angular Pin (angling from the round, orange-accented aperture from the 4 o'clock position) obscures less target. The single pin is backed by three feet of aperture-wrapped fiber, encased in clear, rubberized plastic atop glow-in-the-dark material to further accentuate pin brightness. Adjustable yardage marks and indicator pin are also fiber backed for fast low-light range acquisition. Smooth movement and single-lever lockdown make this all-metal sight highly appealing. Available in black, APG and Lost Camo.

Contact: Vital Gear, 877-488-4825,

Choosing a sight designed for more precise aiming under the toughest field conditions, a sight that won't let you down in the heat of battle, one that allows you to spend more time shooting and less time fiddling and adjusting, makes you a more efficient bowhunter. There simply isn't room for second best. Luckily for us, the newest sight incarnations make it that much easier to venture into the field prepared for whatever may come.

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