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2011 Archery Trade Show Round-Up

2011 Archery Trade Show Round-Up

A look at some of the latest and greatest products to hit the bowhunting market.

Each January, the bowhunting industry unveils its latest and greatest innovations at the Archery Trade Association Show. And each year, the editors from Petersen's BOWHUNTING are there to get a firsthand look at all the new gear bowhunters will carry afield. Here's a quick look at some exciting products from this year's show that are designed to help archers hunt harder, be more accurate and fill more tags...


Known for producing top-quality archery accessories, Fuse introduced a number of new products at this year's ATA show, including the new Carbon Pilot Series Sights and Carbon Blade Hunter Series stabilizers. Offered in a number of models and configurations, including the Carbon Pilot M-Series and Carbon Pilot G-Series (pictured), both series of sights offer a number of options, including pin diameters of .019 and .029 for the top pin and .019 in the descending pins, plus the choice of 3, 5 or 7 (M-Series only) pins. Both are built on an adjustable carbon rod extension design for perfect positioning and setup.

However, the M-Series features micro adjustments, second- and third-axis leveling, bubble level and optional Fuse Sight Lite for added pin brightness during low-light conditions. The G-Series includes the same bubble level, optional LED Sight Lite and simple gang vertical and horizontal adjustments.

Now to the stabilizers! These new models will be a big hit with bowhunters. Built around an aerodynamic design, Carbon Blade Hunter Series stabilizers are highly durable and lightweight thanks to carbon fiber construction. Most eye catching is the stabilizer's unique shape, which is said to produce up to 70 percent less wind drag than standard stabilizers. The new, innovative shape also provides the perfect platform for Fuse vibration-damping technologies. Available in a number of lengths and weights, the Carbon Blade Hunters feature Doinker's vibration-dampening technology as well as Fuse's proprietary lightweight Shock-Rods, which further absorb vibration and deaden noise.

Check out Trophy Taker Fieldpoints on page two



Offered in three grain sizes (85, 100 and 125) and four diameters (17/64, 9/32, 19/64 and 5/16 inches) to fit most popular bowhunting and target arrows, Trophy Taker's new Tight Point Field Tips include a rubber O-Ring design that creates a snug fit in the insert. This puts an end to loose, loud and lost tips. Forget about having to tighten your fieldpoints after each shooting session and shoot and tune with confidence.

Check out Trijicon Accupin sight on page three


New to the archery scene for 2011 is Trijicon and its single-pin, movable AccuPin sight. Constructed of aircraft-grade, 6061-T6 aluminum and made in the USA, the AccuPin features innovative BowSync technology. This new technology takes the guesswork out of tuning with a variable transmission system that enables precise range adjustments and synchronization for any bow/arrow combination. Once the sight is calibrated, shooters simply turn the AccuDial — a large, laser-etched dial providing a range of 20-80 yards — to lock down the exact range without the hassle of handwritten tapes.

The AccuPin sight also features Trijicon's green Triangular Aiming Point and Clear Pin, which provides pinpoint aiming and an unobstructed view of your target. Instead of placing a round aiming point directly on top of the target, you simply place the tip of the triangle where you want your arrow to go. Using a Tritium-Phosphor Lamp and fiber optics, archers get a brilliantly lit aiming point in all light conditions and without the use of batteries, making the sight legal for those wishing to enter animals into the Pope & Young records program. Highly durable and made to withstand the abuse of backcountry excursions, the AccuPin is available in Matte Black, Mathews Lost Camo and Realtree AP camo.

Check out the RAK'd up video package on page four


Take your personal hunting videos to the next level with the new, all-in-one technology solutions from RAK'd UP. Available in both standard- and high-definition versions, the RAK'd UP R.U.T. (RAK'd Up Technology) packages offer bowhunters a complete system for capturing video footage in the field, editing it into professional-looking movies and sharing with friends and family. The full RAK'd UP package includes: a compact SD or HD Canon digital camcorder with bow/gun mount and related accessories; a 15.6-inch, custom-built notebook computer with high-end graphics processor, Pinnacle Studio MovieBox 14 HD movie-creation software, Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 2010 video game; and a custom RAK'd UP canvas backpack for transporting all your video equipment to and from the field. SD and HD camera packages without the computer and video-editing software also are available. RAK'd UP was developed by hardcore bowhunter Jeff Sauve, a former professional baseball and football player and current computer industry executive. After trying many of the other video products offered to hunters and coming away unsatisfied, Sauve decided to develop the RAK'd UP system as a total video solution for hunters who are serious about capturing the thrill of hunt. RAK'd UP packages also include warranty coverage, online tutorials and free telephone technical support.

Check out the Archer Xtreme Carbon Vapor and Carbon Carnivore on page five


Hot on the scene for 2011 is the new Archer Xtreme bow accessory company. The company has a number of high-tech products available, including sights, quivers and stabilizers. Archer Xtreme's 5-arrow Carbon Vapor quiver will be turning heads in 2011. Constructed of 3K Carbon Fiber Weave, the one-piece Carbon Vapor includes no bolts and is made to be deadly quiet and extremely light at just six ounces.

Advertised as 120 times stronger than steel, the Carbon Vapor offers an included four-point lock-down system with vertical adjustment and a V.A.C. rubberized clear coat to further dampen vibration. The Gripper Slot is designed to hold all diameters of arrows while a quick-detach mounting system provides easy one-handed attachment.

Archer Xtreme's sight line includes a number of sights aimed for better accuracy, increased durability and easy tuning. Offered in a number of models, the flagship is the Carbon Carnivore. Constructed from 3K carbon material, the five-pin Carbon Carnivore's carbon construction adds superior strength in key areas and provides tight tolerances at a minimum weight.

Highlights on this impressive sighting system include 11 inches of .019-inch fiber optics for each pin, EZ Tech micro pin adjustments, which allows fast installation and quick tuning in the field, and a LED sight light that can be used to increase pin brightness during low-light conditions. Pin protection is addressed by stainless steel tubing, a feature hardcore bowhunters can appreciate.

Top features also include etched laser markings for windage and elevation, reversible mounting bracket for left- and right-handed shooting, two-inch sight housing for maximum field of view, second-axis gang adjustment and third-axis adjustable leveling system. Available in Blackout Carbon and Mathews Lost Camo.

Check out Summit Treestands Millennium on page six

Summit Treestands is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the same kind of innovation that has made the company an industry leader for three decades. Summit's flagship stand for 2011 is the Viper SD climber. The SD stands for "Sound Dampening," thanks to Summit's proprietary new DeadMetal Technology. Borrowing from noise-reducing techniques developed for the automotive industry, DeadMetal Technology features heat-activated, expanding foam that is placed inside the stand frame prior to welding and activated later inside an oven. The result is a foam-filled stand platform that is dramatically quieter than competing products.

"It is a night and day difference. It's kind of a new era," said Summit Marketing Director Jason Gordon, adding that DeadMetal Technology will be standard on all Summit's 2011 climbing stands. "I am not aware of anyone else using this kind of technology, and actually, we are in the process of trying to get it patented."

In addition to DeadMetal Technology (which adds just three ounces to overall stand weight), Summit's 2011 climbers will feature the new Summit Green paint finish, which offers added concealment compared to the previous Summit Gray. The 20-pound, all-aluminum Viper SD features a 20x28 ¾-inch foot platform, 12x18-inch padded seat with backrest, padded arm rests and shooting rail, adjustable climbing cables that fit trees 8-20 inches in diameter, RapidClimb stirrups, camo backpack straps, a full-body safety harness and more.

Discover the T.R.U. Ball Absolute and Max Hunter Series on page seven


Long known for being one of the top release aid makers, T.R.U. Ball introduced a number of impressive new models for 2011. Probably the two that caught my eye the most were the Absolute 360 and Max Hunter 3 and 4.

The Absolute 360 high-performance target release features patent-pending Head-Centric Technology (H.C.T.) and combines it with a 360-degree rotating lock-down head. Offered in three-finger, four-finger thumb only and four-finger thumb/pinkie (only one active at a time), the Absolute 360 boasts a refined and quieter cocking lever with a crisp, hardened stainless steel firing mechanism. Other top features include separate travel and sensitivity adjustments and multi-adjustable thumb trigger positioning.

Intended to help archers maximize draw length and ultimately bow speed, the Max Hunter 3 in the Max Hunting series of releases has a smaller head and smaller jaws. Jaws open effortlessly and quietly, while activation of the trigger is completed by pushing the trigger forward.

A 360-degree rotating head promotes consistent anchoring and crisp releases of the bowstring. Also available in the Max series is the Max Pro 4, a thumb-triggered release that is highly adjustable for deadly smooth accuracy.Contact: Tomorrow's Resources Unlimited, 434-929-2800;

Learn about Moore Outdoors' Dogbone Shed Antler Retrieving System on page eight


With the popularity of training dogs to find shed antlers, I was quite intrigued by Moore Outdoors DogBone Shed Antler Retrieving System. The system consists of the soft-feel DogBone Antler Dummy, which looks just like the real thing, however is made of the same material other retrieving dummies are made of. This can be crucial, as previously trained dogs will find the process familiar. The second item important to this shed training system is DogBone Antler Scent, which is used in the second and third stag

es of the training process. Here is a quick summary of how the products are used. First, using the durable but soft DogBone Antler Dummy, owners condition their dogs to recognize the antler shape, which builds a dog's confidence. A handy rope makes tossing the antler a simple task and, for the second stage, ensures handlers don't get messy from the applied scent. In the second stage of training, users apply DogBone Antler Scent to the DogBone Antler Dummy. This scent is made from real pulverized antler and is crucial to the conditioning process and familiarizing your dog to the natural odor of antlers. In the third and final stage of training, users will replace the retrieving antler with a real shed antler and also will apply the same DogBone scent used in stage two. This helps add more realism.Contact: Moore Outdoors Products, 920-615-5788;

Check out the Hard Impact Technologies Penetrator on page nine


New to the archery scene for 2011, Hard Impact Technologies has introduced new arrow-building technology in its Penetrator arrow. Penetrator arrows feature exclusive Weight Transferring Technology housed near the front of the arrow. This technology activates inside the shaft as soon as the arrow strikes its target, boosting penetration and the amount of kinetic energy delivered down range. The forward construction also helps stabilize arrow flight for hair-splitting accuracy. To engage the weight transfer system, simply point the arrow up before nocking it. The unique system will not deploy until the moment of impact, ensuring consistent arrow flight. Penetrator arrows weigh a meaty 9.3 gpi and are available in six spines to accommodate bow weights of 32-90 pounds and arrow lengths ranging from 24-32 inches. They also boast a straightness of +/-.003-inch.

Learn about the nifty Apple Archery Bowsmith on page 10


Packed with a vast number of tools to get your bow and arrows tuned, Apple Archery's Bowsmith 28-in-1 archery multi-tool gives archers the convenience of carrying one tool to complete all the necessary tasks. The Bowsmith can be used to set up and repair bows, tune and build arrows, get broadheads sharp and ready to hunt, mount and install accessories, get tree steps started and more. Items included in the Bowsmith include: broadhead wrench, pry tip, screwdriver, peep sight string spreader, knife, threaded adapter and 8/32-inch threaded extractor (insert extractor), arrow-prep brass brush, broadhead sharpener (backside), crosscut arrow end file (front side), fletching glue stripper, 7 double-ended bit kit including magnetic 1/4-inch hex drive, tree step starter, needle nose pliers, nock spreader, string loop setter and nock crimp/cutters.

Check out Sitka Gear Polygiene and Merino Wool Apparel on page 11


Hardcore mountain junkies have long touted layering as the key to staying active, comfortable and ready for anything Mother Nature can dish out. Sitka Gear, a leader in providing bowhunters with a complete system designed for better heat and moisture management, fit and concealment, introduced its new Polygiene base layers at this year's ATA Show. Available in both the Forest and Open Country Optifade camo patterns, and in a number of designs and models, Sitka's newest base layers feature Polygiene silver technology, which helps battle body odor by preventing bacteria growth in the fabric. This technology is not a surface treatment and contains no chemicals.

The science behind it includes pure silver that is micro-encapsulated in the yarns that are knit into the fabric construction. Polygiene technology lasts the life of the garment and is safe and natural. Items featuring Polygiene technology include the Core Crew, Core Zip-T, Core Bottom, Sitka Boxers, Traverse Balaclava, Traverse Beanie, Traverse Glove and more. Also new from Sitka in 2011 is their new Merino Core Zip-T, available in Open Country and Forest Optifade camo patterns and Charcoal, and their and Merino Core Bottom, offered in Charcoal only. Featuring natural odor-resistant properties, Merino wool is ideal for regulating body temperatures and can even be worn against the skin without the fear of being too itchy for comfort. Merino wool is also great at wicking moisture away from the skin and can absorb up to a third of its weight in water while retaining excellent insulation properties. Additional items featuring Merino wool from Sitka include the Merino Glove and Merino Beanie.

Discover Trinity Archery Stablizers on page 12


As a dedicated and passionate bowhunter, I always have my eye out for products that will make a me a better shooter. So, I was glad I discovered Trinity Archery's innovative, adjustable stabilizers in the new product area of this year's ATA Show. Designed to help archers perfectly balance their setups, Trinity Archery's adjustable stabilizers are available in three hunting models; 3.5-5 inches, 5-7.5 inches and 8-12 inches. This system will allow archers to fine-tune balance for consistent accuracy and improved bow balance. All stabilizers feature an outer weighted tube connected to the inner tube through an elastomer, which helps eliminate hand shock. An 18-30-inch target model is also available.

Learn about the Rinehart Woodland Buck on page 13


When it comes to targets, Rinehart Targets has established itself as one of the leaders of the pack. From backyard practice targets to their always impressive lineup of 3-D targets, including bears, elk, frogs, carp, a mountain goat and more, Rinehart manufactures targets the whole family will love. Affordable, durable and capable o

f providing hours of important realistic practice sessions, Rinehart's new-for-2011 Woodland Buck 3-D target should be a big hit with bowhunters looking to get the most out of their shooting. Sporting an alert forward head and semi-sneak body position, the Woodland Buck has an 8-point rack sure to rattle the most savvy hunter. Utilizing Rinehart's new Solid FX Foam technology, the target is molded from nose to tail, with no fillers, and features a replaceable core that is constructed with Rinehart's self-healing foam. The core sports outlined vitals, is designed to take a pounding and thanks to the self-healing foam, has the reputation of stopping everything from broadheads to fieldpoints shot after shot, all while providing easy one-handed arrow removal. Simulating the weight of a 120-pound deer, the lightweight target is easily portable and is resistant to sun, moisture an extreme temperatures.

Check out the latest Hoyt Carbon Element on page 14


Hoyt turned plenty of heads last year with the Carbon Matrix bow, which features the company's innovative, eye-catching, patent-pending hollow carbon tube riser design. In addition to looking great, the carbon riser is also extremely tough, as evidenced by Hoyt's marketing campaign that showed the bow actually being run over by a truck and then picked up off the ground and shot with pinpoint accuracy. After spending some quality time on the shooting range with the Matrix, I was extremely impressed with its shootability, lightweight design and overall appearance. However, Hoyt certainly didn't rest on its laurels, and for 2011, the carbon riser technology is back with the compact, 32-inch axle-to-axle Carbon Element, which weighs an astonishing 3.6 pounds yet is advertised to be their strongest bow ever designed. On top of appearance, the carbon construction adds noise- and vibration-dampening features as well as a warm touch during those frigid days afield. Offering a forgiving, 7-inch brace height and up to 323 fps IBO rating, the Carbon Element is powered by Hoyt's Fuel Cam ½ system, which produces a silky smooth draw in 24 ½-30-inch draw lengths. Available in draw weights of 40-80 pounds, bowhunters also benefit from its accuracy-enhancing In-Line Roller Guard, durable XTS PRO ARC laminated limbs, rubberized Silent Shelf eliminating noisy arrow-to-bow contact, Stealth Shot string suppressor, Fuse string and cables and parallel-limb design. Hunters also have a number of finish options, including Realtree AP, Black Out, Half and Half (Black Out riser with camo limbs), Bone Collector (camo riser with black limbs and custom graphics), and for those diehard Western bowhunters, Realtree's popular Max-1 camo pattern.

Learn about the AMS Tiger Shark on page 15


Bowfishing season is right around the corner, and AMS Bowfishing specializes in performance products designed to make the most of your time on the water. With a solid carbon wrap and special composite core, AMS Bowfishing's solid Tiger Shark shaft is similar in weight to regular fiberglass bowfishing arrows for deep-water penetration and increased accuracy. Featuring a 5/16-inch diameter, the new shaft is compatible with all standard bowfishing points and features press-in nocks for easy replacement in the field. Available in bare shafts with press-in nocks and drilled for use with an AMS Safety Slide, or as a complete package with AMS Safety Slide and your choice of 10 different bowfishing points.

Discover PSE's Bow Madness XS on page 16

(BOWP-ATA-WEB-21)Short axle-to-axle bows have become quite popular with bowhunters looking for extra maneuverability in treestands and ground blinds. The PSE Bow Madness XS is the shortest bow in the PSE line with a 29 ¼-inch axle-to-axle length and also one of their most affordable at $499.99. PSE's XS features the Madness Pro single-cam, which offers six inches of draw length adjustment. There is even an additional module stored in the cam that you can pull out and place for half-inch increments. Featuring radical pre-stressed split limbs that produce a parallel configuration for recoil-free shooting, the XS hits IBO speeds of 312-320 fps. Other notables include an 8-inch brace height, 4.2-pound mass weight and 75-percent letoff. Finish options include Mossy Oak Infinity, Skulz and Black. After shooting the XS at the ATA show, I noted it as, "A definite shooter in a compact package. Forgiving, quiet and easy to maneuver. Also enjoyed the draw cycle."Contact: Precision Shooting Equipment, 520-884-9065;

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