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New Quivers, Stabilizers & Accessories for 2023

Diehard bowhunters know the importance of the right bow accessories, even if they don't often get the credit that is deserved!

New Quivers, Stabilizers & Accessories for 2023

(Photo courtesy of Redline Bowhunting)

Balance And Stability — Redline Trio Back Bar & Stabilizer Kit

Redline Trio Back Bar & Stabilizer Kit

Redline Bowhunting set out to create a package with everything the bowhunter needs to balance his or her bow, and the result is the Trio Back Bar & Stabilizer Kit. This offering brings together the company’s RL-1 Series 10-inch and 6-inch stabilizers with the Back Bar Accessory. Both stabilizers are outfitted with three, 1-ounce weights; are made with lightweight, high-grade woven carbon tubes; and have a front-end RL rubber dampening system. The black, anodized aluminum back bar accessory allows the archer to securely mount the rear stabilizer at any angle and expect it to stay in place thanks to the no-slip design. The bar, which accepts all stabilizers, employs laser-engraved markings for precise tuning and offers dual, front-face mounting hole capabilities. $169.99 |

Gaining An Edge — TruFire Edge FT Release

TruFire Edge FT Release

The Edge FT release aid was created to maximize a shooter’s draw length while increasing accuracy and enhancing comfort. To start, the index-finger trigger was moved up the barrel and closer to the string hold position. This forward trigger (FT) design extends the archer’s draw length by almost an inch over other models and still allows an optimal anchor point, with no sacrifice in hand position or trigger-pull mechanics. With its auto-closing jaws, the Edge FT is loaded onto your D-loop by pulling the trigger to open the jaws and letting up to close them. The smooth, linear-motion, bearing-powered action produces a consistent, clean trigger break. Trigger tension and travel are both customizable, while overall reach length and rotational angle are also personalized. The FoldBack feature gets the barrel out of the way while climbing into the stand or loading an arrow, and the TrapTab makes attaching the release to your wrist easy. $84.99 |

Crossbow Tough — BCY Fibers Mercury 2 Bowstring

BCY Fibers Mercury 2 Bowstring

BCY Fibers’ Mercury 2 Bowstring is a larger version of the company’s popular Mercury material that’s made with the highest strength Dyneema. A synthetic fiber said to be stronger than steel at the molecular level, Dyneema brings many benefits to a bowstring, including low weight, cut resistance and more. Additionally, it produces very low creep and is listed as an alternate for Force 10 material. The string is designed for crossbows but can even be used on some compounds. It’s manufactured in America, with some fibers produced overseas. $34.50 per 2-ounce spool |

Lightweight And VersaTile — Fuse AlphaStrike Quiver

Fuse AlphaStrike Quiver

The new Fuse Archery one-piece AlphaStrike Quivers are designed to offer versatility through adjustability in a lightweight package. Single carbon-rod construction brings almost infinite vertical adjustment as well as 360-degree rotation for a customizable fit that can be worked around obstacles to ensure the tightest profile possible. The AlphaStrike is a short-style quiver with double grippers for extra security, while the AlphaStrike XL is longer, with the single gripper placed further from the hood to add wide-stance protection and reduce vibration and noise. Both quivers secure five arrows and are removable, making them convenient for storage, travel and taking off the quiver while on stand. The grippers on both models can be adjusted up and down the carbon rod to optimize positioning. $129.99 (AlphaStrike) and $139.99 (AlphaStrike XL) |

Perfect Balancing Act — Bee Stinger Microhex Xtreme System Stabilizer Kit

Bee Stinger Microhex Xtreme System Stabilizer Kit

Bee Stinger brings balance to bowhunting rigs with the new Microhex Xtreme System Stabilizer Kit, designed to enhance accuracy and consistency. Featuring a longer Microhex stabilizer on the front and a shorter Microhex on the back, this system brings everything together with an Elite Side Arm bracket for the ultimate in positioning, balance and resistance to rotation. The Microhex stabilizers use Countervail carbon fiber to reduce vibration, with their light weight allowing for greater balance adjustment. The micro-diameter size improves performance in windy conditions, while the two-piece endcaps are designed for extreme durability. The kit comes with a front bar, back bar and the Elite bracket. $249.99-$284.99 |

Stability At A Moment's Notice — Primos Trigger Stick Apex Carbon Fiber Tripod

Primos Trigger Stick Apex Carbon Fiber Tripod

Tough, durable construction, a vice-like Apex clamp and the ability to deploy at a moment’s notice make the Trigger Stick Apex Carbon Fiber Tripod perfect for any crossbow-hunting situation. The carbon-fiber wrapped aluminum legs easily handle weights up to 50 pounds yet help keep the tripod’s weight to only 7 pounds. The Apex also features Primos’ patented Trigger Stick design, allowing you to get ready quickly — even on uneven terrain — with a simple squeeze of the trigger. The tripod’s legs extend from 28-62 inches and the head is fully maneuverable, allowing you to set up for any shot, whether sitting, kneeling or standing. $499.99 |

Stoked For Stabilization — Stokerized M1 Stasis Stabilizer System

Stokerized M1 Stasis Stabilizer System

During its nearly 10 years in the hunting industry, Stokerized has gained a reputation for manufacturing some of the most sought-after, high-quality, effective stabilizers available. The all-new M1 Stasis Stabilizer System builds on the success of the company’s SL Stasis and M12 Hunter Series by combining the infinite adjustability of the patented Stasis All Axis Pivot Point and SS1 Offset bracket with the small-diameter, stiff, high-modulus carbon tubing of the M1. The tubing measures only .563-inch in diameter and is designed to eliminate vibration and cancel dynamic shot movement. The M1 SS1 Bracket, a half-dozen 1-ounce weights and two Dual Saturn Dampeners all come standard with purchase. Available in 15- and 19-inch models, this stabilizer system is backed by Stokerized’s unconditional lifetime warranty. $308.88 (15-inch), $319.99 (19-inch) |

Reduced Torque, Increased Consistency —T.R.U. Ball Centerline

T.R.U. Ball Centerline Release

T.R.U. Ball Archery is one of the bowhunting industry’s heavy hitters and well-known for its durable, effective, accuracy-enhancing release aids. The company’s new Centerline wrist-strap release aid contains a bail-position to wrist-strap-position connection that maintains a straight line for reduced torque and better consistency, while the Tri-Star Hook System incorporates a magnet that automatically resets to the ready position from shot to shot. A thinner profile encourages the archer’s finger to naturally reach the trigger, and knurled, textured thumb and forefinger contact points make for easier drawing of the bow. The Centerline can be tucked inside a sleeve while walking through the woods or climbing a treestand to keep it secure and quiet. Archers can select different hole settings in the Globo-Swivel post to adjust finger reach in .1875-inch increments. All internal sears are made from hardened stainless steel for durable, hassle-free operation, and separate travel and sensitivity adjustments customize the feel while maintaining a crisp release. $139.99 |

Bring It Closer — Hoyt Octane Carbon Superlite Quiver

Hoyt Octane Carbon Superlite Quiver

Part of Hoyt’s In-Line Accessory System, the Carbon Superlite Quivers feature adjustable mounting positions to allow an extremely tight fit to the bow for a slimmer overall profile. When paired with Hoyt’s Integrate Arrow Rest and Picatinny sight mount, the quiver brings the rig to a new level of balance and compact performance. Grippers on this new series are designed to secure both micro-diameter shafts or larger, 6.5mm standard carbons without any stretching. All models feature a broad range of adjustability in three planes of movement: vertical, horizontal and rotational. The 2-Piece fixed-mount model comes in a 4-arrow version (7.3 ounces) or 6-arrow version (8.2 ounces) and connects to precut hexagonal attachment points on the riser. The Shorty with double gripper provides added arrow security and is easily removed for travel, storage or enhanced maneuverability thanks to the quick-disconnect feature. It’s available in 4-arrow (7.8 ounces) and 6-arrow (9 ounces) versions. Last but not least, the Stretch combines the wide stance of the 2-Piece with the convenience of the Shorty quick disconnect for the ultimate in security and utility. The Stretch holds six arrows and checks in at 10.6 ounces. $179.99 (Shorty or 2-Piece) and $209.99 (Stretch) |

Micro But Mighty — CBE Torx Micro Stabilizer

Custom Bow Equipment Torx Micro Stabilizer

Custom Bow Equipment builds its new Torx Carbon Micro Stabilizers on a high-modulus, micro-carbon rod that is lighter and stiffer than aluminum to create a slim profile and relatively low mass weight. Designed for the ultimate in stability and balance, the Torx line seamlessly integrates the dampeners and 2-ounce black, stainless-steel weight. CBE employs vibration-dampening technology that couples with the natural low-vibration characteristics of carbon to tame the shot and provide a better overall shooting experience. Stabilizers are available in 8-, 10- or 15-inch lengths and can be purchased as standalone stabilizers or in a kit, either 8- and 10-inch or 10- and 15-inch. The stabilizer kit features a tapered connection to lock the stabilizer in place once set; front and back bar quick disconnects are convenient for storage and travel. $89.99-$109.99 (Stabilizers), $229.99-$249.99 (Stabilizer Kits) |

Add Some Octane To Your Game — Octane Vault 5-Arrow Quiver

Octane Vault 5-Arrow Quiver

Octane’s new Vault 5-Arrow Quiver is designed to offer a high level of durability and versatility in the lightest weight possible. This unit, with its ultra-compact footprint, will be right at home whether you are running and gunning, perched in a treestand or nestled into a ground blind. Dual grippers handle any arrow and are ideal for securing fixed blades or mechanical broadheads. Engineered with premium carbon materials, the Vault is built to secure and protect your arrows in the face of any conditions or abuse. It also comes with a hood loop to hang your rig from a hook or branch. The Vault promises utility and durability in a package that comes with a lightweight price tag. $39.99 (Black) and $49.99 (Camo) |

Super Stability — AXCEL Antler Ridge Hunting Stabilizer Kit

AXCEL Antler Ridge Hunting Stabilizer Kit

AXCEL Archery has gathered the best of its Acclaim target stabilizers and Antler Ridge hunting bars into a single offering — the new Antler Ridge Hunting Stabilizer Kit. Designed to be the stiffest .55-inch carbon stabilizers on the market, these new units are available in 6- and 8-inch, 8- and 10-inch and 10- and 12-inch combinations. The kit contains everything needed for optimum stabilization, including an offset mounting bracket, zero-degree Center Lock quick disconnect and front and back bars equipped with Kryptos Arc vibration dampeners and a pair of 2-ounce black nitride weights. Antler Ridge stabilizers have a Carbon Fiber Twill finish and endcaps engraved with brand and model. Available in Black, Coyote Tan or Olive Drab Green color. $444.99 |


Lighted Dampener — Elite VibeX Beacon

Elite VibeX Beacon Lighted Dampener

Elite has introduced a unique vibration dampener with added utility in the VibeX Beacon! Designed to decrease sound and vibration while increasing stealth and visibility, this limb dampener with integrated light fits between the limbs of your split-limb bow (fits most split-limb bows). The light easily toggles between white or green with the simple push of a button. Use the stealthy green mode for walking to and from your hunting spot or the white light when you’re dragging your trophy out! The high-quality dampener quickly kills vibration and noise for an enjoyable and effective shooting experience. Comes as a set, with one original VibeX and one VibeX Beacon. $49.99 |

Centered, Locked & Versatile — Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer

Mathews Bridge-Lock Stabilizer

Mathews’ new Bridge-Lock Stabilizers work with the company’s exclusive Bridge-Lock Technology to bring an enhanced level of performance over several different functions. First, as the stabilizer is inserted and locked directly into the riser, it produces a stiffer, more secure connection while also improving bow balance. The result is added vibration dampening and better overall stabilization. Mathews offers the stabilizers in 8-, 10- and 12-inch lengths and eight different finish options. The distance the stabilizer protrudes from the riser is adjustable, in half-inch increments, via the toolless connection knob, while the InterLink Weight Technology uses a single locking screw and unique stacking design to make adding and removing weights faster and easier than ever. An EHS Nano Harmonic Dampener on the end further reduces sound and rounds out the package. $249.99-$269.99 |

Versatile Arrow Protection — Trophy Ridge VRSA Lite Quiver

Trophy Ridge VRSA Lite Quiver

Trophy Ridge brings versatility to the quiver game with its all-new VRSA Lite. This 5-arrow unit secures arrows over a wide diameter range using customizable single or dual arrow grippers. Adapters allow this one-piece quiver to be mounted directly to the riser or to the sight bracket, and both mounts allow for a close fit to the bow for a low profile and better balance. The VRSA Lite comes assembled with 16-inch rods and includes a set of 10-inch rods to offer customization of overall length. The cam-locking lever attachment provides a super-secure lockdown while also allowing for one-handed quick disconnect. In addition, the quiver features a built-in, rechargeable LED light and rope hook. $149.99 |

Made To Order! — America's Best Bowstrings Platinum Black Series

America’s Best Bowstring Platinum Black Series

America’s Best Bowstrings (ABB) is expanding its line of high-quality archery products by offering a series of pre-made, black bowstrings that can be ordered for most makes and models of bows. These strings are manufactured with all the technology that bowhunters have come to appreciate in ABB’s standard Platinum Series, such as its F.A.S.T. (Fiber Accelerated Speed Technology) and Fiber-Loc. The bowstrings can be ordered on the company’s website, and in most cases they’ll ship the same day the order is placed. They also come with ABB’s two-year warranty covering issues such as serving separation, creep/stretching and peep sight rotation. Price Unavailable |

A Prime Quiver — Prime REVEX Shift Lock Quiver

Prime REVEX Shift Lock Quiver

For 2023, Prime Archery has partnered with TightSpot to develop a quiver setup designed especially for the new Prime REVEX bow. Billed as the tightest-fitting quiver on the market, the Shift Lock attaches to the bow’s riser via a custom-designed Prime bracket, allowing for an exceptionally tight yet adjustable fit. The Prime Shift Lock quiver is available in black, Rock Ridge and Morel finishes. $219.95 |

Lightweight Arrow Holder — Redline RL-1 Carbon 6-Arrow Quiver

Redline RL-1 Carbon 6-Arrow Quiver

Redline Bowhunting designed its new RL-1 Carbon 6-Arrow Quiver to get the job done well at the lightest possible weight, and that sounds exactly like what a bowhunter would want! The all-carbon design results in a total weight of only 9.7 ounces. A soft-touch rubber hood insert is engineered to eliminate vibration and noise while accepting both small- and large-diameters arrows, securely locking them in place. A wide stance support — 17 inches from hood to gripper — offers ultimate shaft protection, and a quick-detach bracket provides easy removal for travel, storage or shooting without the quiver attached. $169.99 |

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