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Quick Fixes for Over-Shooting, or Losing Your Shot Focus

by Joe Bell

The psychology that goes along with shooting a bow well is oftentimes interesting. I don’t know about you, but in… more »


Bowhunting: Passion, Obsession or Addiction?

by Randy Ulmer

Bowhunter Magazine is turning 45 years old! My, how time flies! I began bowhunting not long after this magazine’s inception,… more »


10 Essentials for DIY Game Processing

by Tony J. Peterson

In my household, venison is the number-one source of protein. We mix in plenty of other wild critters, of course,… more »


Decoys for All Bowhunting Situations

by Tony J. Peterson

For a few days I had watched what seemed like random deer activity as bucks chased does through a patch… more »


The New Nikon Arrow ID 7000 VR Rangefinder

by Mike Carney

As your chest heaves with heavy breaths from sprinting to the treeline to intercept the gigantic moose, he suddenly appears… more »


Bald Is Beautiful

by Fred Eichler

I like antlers as much as the next guy, but when I hear someone putting too much emphasis on large… more »


Deer Calling: Always & Never

by Joe Blake

My evening hunt had been a total bust so far. After driving for a half-hour to reach my destination, I… more »


Whitetail Shape: Does Fitness Have Its Place?

by Tony J. Peterson

In the last decade the bowhunting industry has been besieged by a new wave of hunters. Instead of the typical,… more »


Simple Steps to Gutless Field Dressing

by Curt Wells

So, you’ve found yourself standing over a bull elk, a caribou, or even a moose. Your heart is still pounding… more »


ScoutLook: Bowhunt Smarter in the Real World

by Tony J. Peterson

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a whitetail expert say that killing mature bucks is all about hunting… more »


A Cheat Sheet for the Weekend Warrior

by Mark Kayser

True weekend warriors are America’s National Guard and military reservists. They stand ready to defend our country, and aid in… more »


The Ultimate Mobile Treestand Setup

by Tony J. Peterson

It wasn’t that long ago when most of us bowhunters were lugging around heavy, steel treestands that secured to the… more »


5 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Any Elk Hunt

by Zach Bowhay

For those of us heading into the elk woods with the hopes of a close encounter with a rutting bull,… more »


Blueprint to a Better Hunting Arrow

by Curt Wells

Back in the day, when I was a new bowhunter, I was shooting an 80-lb. Martin Cougar Magnum (sparkle green,… more »


DIY: In Pursuit of Velvet Whitetails

by Tony J. Peterson

When I was growing up, I could never understand the articles I read about hunting early-season whitetails. Nearly every one… more »


Four Big Reasons Why You Need An X-Stand Ladder Stand

by Tony J. Peterson

There are a couple of reasons why I didn’t jump on the ladder-stand bandwagon years ago. The first is that… more »


Stephen West’s 413-Inch New Mexico Bull

by Stephen West

I blame my hunting obsession on a man I never met. His name was J.A. Bracken. My family has been… more »


Five High-Tech Whitetail Scouting Options

by Tony J. Peterson

Like it or not, technology is creeping its way into the outdoors. I’m of the opinion that some of it… more »


Forget Calling: The Strategy Behind Stalking Elk

by Zach Bowhay

For the better part of 20 years my bowhunting life revolved around trying to coax public land bull elk into… more »


How to Get the Most out of Your Trail Cameras

by Tony J. Peterson

In the not-too-distant past trail cameras were simple, and quite frankly, junk. What those bulky precursors to the modern camera… more »