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The Quest for 200 Inches of Kansas Antler

by Matt Palmquist

My good friend, Steve Gerlach, is no stranger to success in the whitetail woods. Over the last 10 years, he… more »


A Quick Fix for Fuzzy Sight Pins

by Shawn Harding

At 48, I found myself dealing with a new piece of equipment — reading glasses. They were regularly misplaced, and… more »

cure of target panic

Target Panic: The Root Cause and Cure

by Joel Turner

“I’ve got target panic.” Those words are uttered by a vast majority of archers at some point in their shooting… more »


How To: The Poor Man’s Food Plot

by Tony J. Peterson

Creating vibrant, lush food plots seems easy enough. After all, we see them on outdoor television shows all of the… more »


10 Workout Routines Every Bowhunter Should Master

by Adam Holt

One of the things that makes bowhunting so appealing is that it’s so difficult. That’s why I love the challenge… more »


Stop Guessing: Use Trail Cameras for Turkeys

by Tony J. Peterson

A quick count concerning the number of blind setups I’ve sat in this spring brings me into double digits –… more »

judging yardage is ethical for any bowhunter

Don’t Miss: The Bowhunter’s Cure For Judging Yardage

by Tony J. Peterson

Any bowhunter who has spent a few seasons in the woods has missed. The reasons for whiffing are many, but… more »


Top-End Trail Cameras for 2016

by Tony J. Peterson

Last fall, I checked several trail cameras on the eve of Wisconsin’s bow opener. While reviewing the images, it became… more »

How hard is elk hunting bowhunting

How Hard Can Bowhunting Be?

by Dwight Schuh

People often ask me, what are the hardest animals to hunt with a bow? The easiest? Well, I don’t know… more »

mental toughness for the bowhunter

Mental Toughness for Bowhunters

by Dan Staton

Guides who take clients on tough hunts for animals like bighorn sheep and mountain goats tell me that mental toughness… more »


Benefits of Hinge-Style Release Aids

by Randy Ulmer

If I were charged with preventing a bowhunter from getting target panic and could make only one change in their… more »


Donald Trump Jr: Fifth Avenue Redneck

by Curt Wells

Editor’s note: It was late winter when I got a call from a mutual bowhunting friend who told me Donald… more »


Editors Review: 2016 Bowtech BT-X

by Curt Wells

You would think that every conceivable design that could be engineered into a cam would have been done by now…. more »


Boots Off Bear Hunting

by Curt Wells

Bent over, as if it actually helped to conceal me, I skittered like a water bug across a wide-open field… more »


Bowhunting Exercises: Back and Shoulders

by Dan Staton

On a hunt last year for Bowhunter TV, I had a bull elk in my lap for over three minutes,… more »


Why Quality Turkey Decoys Matter

by Tony J. Peterson

There are some places where hunting pressure is low and the turkeys are, well, dumb. Those places are a lot… more »


Turkey Hunting — Traditional Style

by Fred Eichler

No, this is not a recipe on how I like to cook turkeys. It is about my favorite way to… more »


Why Bowhunting Alligators Should be on Your Bucket List

by C. J. Winand

Hunting dangerous game with a bow is exciting, but having an alligator come directly toward you at only 10 feet… more »


Use Turkeys to Locate Whitetail Hotspots

by Tony J. Peterson

One of the things I hear whitetail hunters talk about often is late-winter and spring scouting. Not shed hunting, but… more »


8 Steps to Conquering Target Panic – Part 2

by Randy Ulmer

Click here to read Part 1 – 8 Steps to Conquering Target Panic by Randy Ulmer Prevention And Treatment You… more »