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Best New Gear for Spot-and-Stalk Bowhunting

by Zach Bowhay

I can think of no more difficult hunt than a spot-and-stalk hunt out west. I am sure this statement will… more »


Your Gear Checklist For Backcountry Bowhunts

by Dwight Schuh

A Backpacking can be very rewarding if you go about it right, or very defeating if you go about it wrong.

treestand_theft_prevention 101

Don’t Stand for It: How to Prevent Treestand Theft

by Darren Warner

Dawn is still an hour away. You go through your checklist, making sure you’ve packed and properly arranged all your… more »


Heavy Vs. Light: Choosing The Best Hunting Arrow

by Curt Wells

Whether you bowhunt with a recurve bow, a longbow, or a compound bow, choosing the best hunting arrow is critical… more »


6 Tips for Staying Cool Under Pressure

by Darron McDougal

“I choked,” A disheartened elk hunter told me at my family’s archery pro shop. “A nice bull came in to… more »


Why, When and Where to Hang Treestands

by Tony J. Peterson

The secret to killing big bucks for most hunters boils down to doing a lot of work. That’s it. It’s… more »

treestand preperation 101

The Bowhunter’s Guide to Stand Site Prep

by Barry Wensel

The satisfaction one gets out of any endeavor is usually proportional to what one puts into it. Proper stand preparation… more »


10 Creative Ways to Practice Summer Archery

by Tony J. Peterson

Far too many bowhunters target practice the exact same way every time. I don’t know about their shots on game but… more »


Why You Should Change Your Bowhunting Strategy

by Stace Acup

For years, I had always prepared for bow season with the same overall approach: Put up deer stands in July… more »


Bowhunting Gear for Increasing Long-Range Proficiency

by Tony J. Peterson

My hunting partner wore a look of confusion and frustration that was offset by the hum of adrenaline coursing through… more »


Review: Diamond Archery Edge SB-1

by Curt Wells

There is no denying that the archery industry has responded to the “youth movement” better than just about any industry… more »


Rugged Bowfishing Requires Tough Gear

by Tony J. Peterson

There aren’t very many counties in Minnesota that are devoid of natural lakes, but I happened to grow up in… more »


6 Tips for Glassing Summer Bucks

by Tony J. Peterson

Conventional summer scouting wisdom suggests mounting a tripod to your truck window and driving around to find bachelor groups. For… more »


The Quest for 200 Inches of Kansas Antler

by Matt Palmquist

My good friend, Steve Gerlach, is no stranger to success in the whitetail woods. Over the last 10 years, he… more »


A Quick Fix for Fuzzy Sight Pins

by Shawn Harding

At 48, I found myself dealing with a new piece of equipment — reading glasses. They were regularly misplaced, and… more »

cure of target panic

Target Panic: The Root Cause and Cure

by Joel Turner

“I’ve got target panic.” Those words are uttered by a vast majority of archers at some point in their shooting… more »


How To: The Poor Man’s Food Plot

by Tony J. Peterson

Creating vibrant, lush food plots seems easy enough. After all, we see them on outdoor television shows all of the… more »


10 Workout Routines Every Bowhunter Should Master

by Adam Holt

One of the things that makes bowhunting so appealing is that it’s so difficult. That’s why I love the challenge… more »


Stop Guessing: Use Trail Cameras for Turkeys

by Tony J. Peterson

A quick count concerning the number of blind setups I’ve sat in this spring brings me into double digits –… more »

judging yardage is ethical for any bowhunter

Don’t Miss: The Bowhunter’s Cure For Judging Yardage

by Tony J. Peterson

Any bowhunter who has spent a few seasons in the woods has missed. The reasons for whiffing are many, but… more »