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Small Shooting Tips for Big Results

by Dwight Schuh

Over the years I have interviewed many champion archers, archery coaches, and successful bowhunters. And I personally have spent nearly 50… more »


Setting Up Small Food Plots

by Tony J. Peterson

Food plots are not your answer to killing more big bucks. I’m just going to throw that out there now,… more »


Developing a Turkey Obsession

by Fred Eichler

Turkeys have grown on me over the years. Not in the weird way that requires a surgeon to remove a… more »


Top Turkey Broadheads of 2017

by Tony J. Peterson

I recently spent some time matching broadheads to my arrows in preparation for a rapidly approaching trip to Texas and… more »


How to Create Proven Turkey Setups

by Alex Gyllstrom

“If they could smell, you’d never kill one.” It’s a statement we have all heard, and likely said, about one… more »


Bustin’ Up with Bruins

by Bowhunter TV

Terry Rohm of Tinks hooks up with Back Country Outfitters in Saskatchewan where he sets his sights on a nice… more »


Best Archery Targets of 2017

by Tony J. Peterson

I’ve got a weird addiction to bow targets. It started before I had kids and had a lot of time… more »


Tangy Crockpot Venison Roast

by Brian Fortenbaugh

This easy-to-make crockpot venison roast recipe was given to me by a hunting friend several years ago, and it has quickly… more »


Ask Bowhunter: How To Find Spring Gobbler Success

by Matt Palmquist

Q: I have been bowhunting spring gobblers for several years, with no luck. What can I do to improve my chances?… more »


5 Winter Scouting Mistakes

by Tony J. Peterson

If you’re into the outdoors, March is pretty much the worst month of the year. At least it is for… more »


7 New Bows on a Budget

by Tony J. Peterson

There are a few questions I get asked about bowhunting gear every single year. The most common query is usually… more »


A Big Win for Public Hunting Land

by Tony J. Peterson

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz underestimated the collective voice of hunters across the country when he introduced his bill — H.R…. more »


Winter Whitetail Work

by Tony J. Peterson

It’s an oft-preached, little-practiced whitetail strategy. Yet, winter scouting might be the single best way to understand the comings and… more »


Born on the Mountain

by Anna Vorisek

It seems like I waited a lifetime to hunt. It’s not that I wasn’t around hunting, because I was. My… more »


Is a Quiver Hurting Your Bow Balance?

by Joe Bell

I’m a stickler for archery detail, and one area I’ve spent a great deal of time in is analyzing the… more »


Ask Bowhunter: How to Stay Warm While Hunting?

by Tony J. Peterson

Question: I love late-season bowhunting, but I hate the cold. Do you have any advice for how to stay warm… more »


Don’t Sleep on Canadian Whitetails

by Brian Fortenbaugh

The more I thought about it, the weirder it seemed. In my 15 years as assistant editor of this magazine,… more »


A Special Bear-Hunting Adventure

by Fred Eichler

Some hunts just go down in my memory bank as super special. Oftentimes it’s just a small thing that elevates… more »


Favorite Hunt? There’s Plenty to Choose From.

by Dwight Schuh

“You guys are crazy,” bush pilot Van Hartley growled as Roger Iveson and I unloaded the last of our gear… more »


Scouting for Late-Season Success

by Tony J. Peterson

If you were to base the average hunter success off of my Facebook feed this fall, you’d most likely assume… more »