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Best Compound Bows at Every Price Point

by Bowhunter Online Staff   |  June 28th, 2013 5

Like everything else in life, our list of wants as bowhunters is always kept in check by the size of our wallet. And as anyone knows, different seasons in life call for different plans when it comes to purchasing your next bow. What you can afford as a college student, for instance, is quite a bit different than what you’d get yourself for a retirement present.

Because of the advances in compound bow technology in the last decade or so, there really are a lot of great options out there for every bowhunter and every budget. Some guys will want primo quality, and they’ll spring for something like the Hoyt Carbon Element, which wows at every turn—including the point when you hand over a thick wad of cash to your local archery shop salesperson. Others need their dollar to stretch as far as possible, and they’ll be satisfied with a great bow under $500, like the PSE Sinister. Either way, we’ve got you covered, so check out our list of the best compound bows at every price point.

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