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8 Products for Your Treestand and Blind to Trim Your Lane Perfectly

by Tony J. Peterson   |  December 15th, 2014 0

One of the reasons I prefer DIY hunts to outfitted or guided affairs is that I absolutely hate climbing into a stand that someone else has set up. Maybe that’s a negative part of my personality, but if I have time to sit in a treestand, I want to give myself the best chance of success.

This, of course, includes a host of variables within my control, as well as plenty that I have no influence on what-so-ever. Of those that are firmly within my grasp, shooting lanes are high on my list of importance. Ditto for quality entrance and exit routes. Without each I’ve greatly reduced my chances of success.

To ensure you don’t watch your arrow careen off into the distance from the deflection of a twig while a tall-racked buck hightails it over the ridge, it’s best to employ the right tools. Not all saws or pruners are created equal, and some are downright junk. Others are designed specifically for hunters, developed with functionality and durability as the top priorities. Anyone who has had a limb saw fall apart in their hands knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Following are eight products designed to make the job of creating better stand sites much easier:

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