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6 Tips for Glassing Summer Bucks

by Tony J. Peterson   |  June 1st, 2016 0

Conventional summer scouting wisdom suggests mounting a tripod to your truck window and driving around to find bachelor groups. For some hunters, this is a fine method. For others, not so much. It all depends on your hunting situation.

My situation pretty much dictates that glassing from my truck will result in very little useful information.

For starters, I hunt several properties that are small and not visible from any roads. The properties I do have permission to hunt, which are also conducive to some glassing from roads, are not exclusive to me by any means.

Other hunters spend time there as well, and guess what? They also drive those same roads trying to catch glimpses of bucks in the back corners of fields.

I’d much rather get out of my truck and sneak into prime glassing points. The best bucks I find each summer know the drill, and are not likely to spend daylight time visible from any roads. They like those food sources and ponds that are hard to get to, where they don’t get bothered.

It’s that simple, and analogous to hunting in general — work a little harder than your competition and reap the benefits.

Following are six tips to help you spot the summer bucks others miss.



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