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Introducing the PSE Dream Season DNA Bow

by Bowhunter Online Staff   |  January 8th, 2013 0

PSE Archery rolled out its brand new, flagship bow, the PSE Dream Season DNA, at the 2013 ATA Show in Louisville, Ky. The DNA features PSE’s new Planar Flex aluminum riser, which allowed PSE to skeletonize the riser without sacrificing the structural integrity and making the DNA about a pound lighter than PSE’s previous Evo. Also included are aluminum cams that, like the riser, is minimalized yet still allows for a silky smooth draw. The DNA’s adjustable FleX cable slide comes in toward the center of the arrow when drawn, taking some of the side load off the cams, removing any resistance and making the DNA one of the quietest bows on the market. The DNA is available now and retails for $899. Check out the video from the ATA Show.


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