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An Exclusive Look Into Deer Week 2018

by Bowhunter Online Staff 0

Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel kick off Deer Week festivities with a barrage of deer-focused programming for veteran hunters and… more »


Midwestern Shadow: A Half Century Later, Mel Johnson’s Beanfield Buck Still Stands Guard at Pope and Young Club Museum

by Lynn Burkhead 0

If your summer vacation plans take the family to the American Midwest, pull a few minutes off Interstate 90 and… more »


Eagles’ Quarterback Carson Wentz: First Bow Buck

by Bowhunter Online Staff 0

This is the video that got it all started! Join the Wentz brothers as they film their first hunt where… more »


Is Hunting Technology Creating An Unfair Advantage?

by C. J. Winand 0

The compound bow hit the market during the early 1970s. Many older hunters may recall the division it caused between traditional… more »


Deer Management Research At Its Finest

by Dr. Dave Samuel 0

It’s amazing how much you can learn at the annual Southeast Deer Study Group Meeting. Every year, the top deer… more »

Venison Cheesesteak Sandwich Recipe

Venison Cheesesteak Sandwich Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley 0

A satisfying recipe for venison cheesesteak sandwiches with sautéed leeks, bell peppers and hot provolone cheese Serves: 4 Prep time:… more »

Sweet & Smoky Venison Jerky Recipe

Sweet & Smoky Venison Jerky Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley 0

Sweet, smoky and spicy – this is my favorite combination for jerky, and you’ll find all these flavors in this… more »

How To Age Deer

How to Age Deer Accurately

by C. J. Winand 0

Knowing the age of a buck is important to most deer hunters. Years ago, I was registering a doe at a… more »


Seven Top Hunting Clothing Options for Whitetails

by Tony J. Peterson 0

I carved out about eight days in early- to mid-November to hunt public land in northern Wisconsin this year. I… more »


Using Does To Locate Mature Bucks

by Tony J. Peterson 0

It’s a simple concept, right? Just go hunt where the does like to be and soon enough you’ll be covered… more »

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