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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Carbon Express PileDriver 390

Crossbow technology has continued to up the ante each year, and Carbon Express is following suite with their PileDriver 390. The crossbow weighs in at just 7.2 pounds and shoots a screaming 390 feet per second. The PileDriver 390 has a slim and light stock design with an adjustable foregrip and buttstock, and measure only 14.5 inches axle-to-axle when cocked. Pair that with anti-dry fire technology, aluminum rail, compression molded limbs, alloy cams, and a Quiet Crank Cocking Winch — this is your must-have crossbow to take afield this winter. MSRP — $399 |


onX Hunt App

The onX Hunt app for smartphones and tablets, which allows users to access detailed maps and satellite imagery on a state-by-state basis, just got even better with the release of the next-generation version. The latest version includes new layers for understanding animal movements, super-accurate landownership data, and enhanced offline usage. Some key highlights of the next-gen onX Hunt app include a new Topo Basemap (updated each year) with features designed to help users better orient themselves; a Boone and Crockett Records layer (coming soon) with detailed info on trophy records by species and county for all 50 states; a Prairie Dog layer (coming soon); Randy Newberg's Roadless layer, for those hunters who want to trek further off the beaten path; a Historic Wildfires layer; and a USFS Timber Cuts layer that displays logging operations on National Forest Land from 2002 — 2017. Once downloaded and a state selected, users can overlay several layers of information showing everything from public-land boundaries to private landowners by name. The onX Hunt app really changes the game when it comes to scouting for big game and gaining hunting access. MSRP — $29.99 — $99.99 |


Magic Chef 10 Tray Food Dehydrator

Featuring a Realtree Xtra pattern, the 10 Tray Food Dehydrator from Magic Chef features a clear viewing door and 1,703 square inches of drying space. Mounted in the rear, the drying system circulates air from back to front through each tray. Non-stick trays ensure that food can be removed with ease, and an indicator light is present so that you know with certainly when the unit is on. A built-in temperature control allows you to set the dehydrator from 100-160 degrees for all your cooking needs. The unit weighs in at 20.3 pounds. MSRP —  $169.99 |


Ravin™ R15 Crossbow

The Ravin R15 Crossbow sends bolts downrange at 425 fps ,and is capable of shooting 3" groups at 100 yards. When fully drawn, it measures an astonishing 6" from axle to axle. Its Trac-Trigger Firing System slides forward to clasp the precise center of the string every time for straight-line nock travel and a perfectly balanced draw. Lastly, the Versa-Draw Cocking System, integrated into the stock, provides fast and secure cocking/uncocking. The R15 is available in a fully-loaded package. MSRP — $2,049 |



Tree Stand Buddy® Starter Kit

With the Tree Stand Buddy Starter Kit, you no longer have to climb a tree carrying your stand. The Kit includes all hardware needed to attach the stand bracket to single-bar/post or double-bar/post (up to 6½") hang-on stands. Simply attach the bracket to your stand, then strap the Tree Stand Buddy's receiver to the tree via the included ratchet straps. Then, hoist your bracket-mounted stand into position with ropes strung through the receiver, climb the tree, and slide the bracket into the tree-mounted receiver.

MSRP — $129.00 |


Rage® Hypodermic Trypan™

The Rage Hypodermic Trypan features a needle-like titanium ferrule and an impressive 2" cutting diameter similar to its predecessor. The Trypan creates an initial slap-cut entry hole that exceeds 2.5", and then the .039"-thick stainless-steel blades settle into a sweptback position that powers through flesh and bone. The grey polymer Shock Collar™ is idiot-proof and provides superior blade retention and reliable blade deployment.

MSRP — $54.99/3-pack |


Mathews® Halon™ 32

The Mathews Halon 32 is the next-gen version of the company's popular Halon. This 4.83-lb. bow is offered in brace heights of 5", 6", and 7". The CROSSCENTRIC cam not only creates the draw cycle we've come to expect from Mathews, but also serves to ensure a true center nocking point and level nock travel — something we all appreciate during setup and broadhead tuning.

MSRP — $1,099 |


Hunter's Kloak® Mist System™

The Hunter's Kloak with their Mist System is designed for two purposes — concealment through cover scent, and attraction. They offer several attractant-scented Mist Cartridges to use in the rechargeable Mist System. Simply hang it up in your stand while you're hunting, and set it to mist at desirable intervals.

MSRP — $34.50, Mist System/$7.50, Mist Cartridges |


Tink's® Trophy Taker Gels™

Tink's Trophy Taker Gels lineup is comprised of various scents like Relax (has a calming effect), along with a couple of others like Fight and Heat. These bag-in-a-can options allow you to spray your chosen scent up to 10', and since it uses gel technology, the scent sticks. Trophy Taker Gels are perfect for saturating a spot with deer-drawing scent, without having to contaminate the area with your own less attractive odor.

MSRP — $15 |


Muzzy® Trocar HB™

Muzzy's Trocar HB hybrid gives you the best attributes of both a fixed and mechanical broadhead. Its chisel-tip design features a 1" fixed blade with a pair of 1 5/8" center-pivot blades that deploy on contact without fail. The .035" surgically sharp stainless-steel blades combine to deliver a total cutting surface of over 2.5".

MSRP — $39.99/3-pack |


Spot-Hogg® The Grinder™

The Grinder is a bombproof new sight from Spot-Hogg. This solid, 6061 aluminum-constructed sight boasts individually micro-adjustable pins and a vertical aiming wire for lightning-quick target acquisition. The Grinder's sight housing accepst various alignment rings, allowing for a better peep-to-sight fit and true customization.

MSRP — $205 |


Browning® Trail Cameras Defender 850™

Browning Trail Cameras has built WiFi functionality into their Defender 850, along with Bluetooth so hunters can download images and change camera settings without disturbing deer, or contaminating the site with human scent. It has a tough-as-nails mounting system built of 14-gauge steel to deter human tampering and curious bears, plus it offers multiple angles to capture just the right image. The camera has multiple Night Vision modes, including a high setting that drops the shutter speed to a fast 1/20th of a second with a 120' flash range.

MSRP — $240 |


Hoyt® Pro Defiant™ 34

The 4.4-lb. Pro Defiant 34 has a 7" brace height, and 325 fps chrono readings. What is most impressive about this bow is that it's designed to help shooters with their form. Through the UltraFlex Limbs and DFX Cam & ½ System, Hoyt was able to create a broader cam-to-cam, full-draw distance that promotes a more relaxed, strain-free posture while anchored.

MSRP — $1,199 |


Wasp® Jak-Hammer™

The Wasp Jak-Hammer is a three-blade mechanical that features a Stainless Smart Tip with stainless-steel, .036"-thick blades that are perfectly aligned with the tip's trocar edges. Available in 75 and 100-grain weights for a cutting diameter of 1.25" and 1.75" respectively, with the latest addition in 125 grains for those looking to add FOC and overall penetration.

MSRP — $34.99/3-pack |


Hunter Safety System® Harnesses w/ElimiShield™

Anyone who climbs into and out of any type of elevated stand should be wearing a harness like those from Hunter Safety System. For 2017, HSS has employed ElimiShield Scent Control Technology to pretreat several of their most popular harnesses, including the Elite and the Contour. ElimiShield kills odor-causing bacteria on those harnesses, which fills one of the holes in our scent-control game.

MSRP — Elite ($160)/Contour ($140) |


Cabela's® Zonz™ Specialist Ground Blind

If you're looking for a quality blind at a great price, then check out Cabela's Zonz Specialist Ground Blind. This five-hub blind measures 74" from hub-to-hub, so there's plenty of room for you and your gear, as well as being able to easily maneuver into shooting position when necessary. It weighs 19 lbs., and promotes 360 degrees of viewing and shooting thanks to eight strategically placed windows.

MSRP — $160 |


Ozonics® HR200 & HR300 Skins™

Nothing works better for scent control than an Ozonics HR300 or HR200 in-the-field ozone generator. To protect both models and keep them quiet should you bump them — or rain or mast crops fall on them — pick up the new Ozonics Skins. Engineered to house the entire unit, the Skins allow for the optimum chance to stay stealthy, while also avoiding the discriminating noses of whatever critter you are hunting.

MSRP — $40 |


Lumenok® HD Orange™ Nocks

The new Lumenok HD Orange Signature Nock and GTC Crescent Bolt End are activated by the shot (no switches involved). Once lit, both provide up to 40 continuous hours of ultra-bright (30% brighter) illumination. These lighted offerings aid in determining shot placement, and in the recovery of both your animal and your arrow/bolt. The Signature Nock weighs 27.4 grains, and the GTC weighs 28.2 grains.

MSRP — $29.99/3-pack |


ALPS OutdoorZ® Traverse EPS™

The ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS pack has a 3,300 cu. in. main compartment that you can expand for an additional 1,200 cu. in. Use the expanded section for hauling meat, or your bow or gun. The "H" frame design (made of lightweight, tubular aluminum), multi-layer foam waist belt, and adjustable torso range comfortably distribute the weight of a fully loaded pack. It has a padded pocket designed specifically for your spotting scope and tripod, a side pocket, two wing pockets, and two pockets on the waist belt. Side compression straps can be used for attaching extra gear. It comes with a blaze-orange rain cover and is available in camo options including Mossy Oak Mountain Country.

MSRP — $179.99 |


Kenetrek® Supportive Insoles

Hike in comfort with Kenetrek's Supportive Insoles. They have an antimicrobial pad that wicks moisture, and a high-density moldable foam pad that conforms to your individual foot. This keeps your foot stable, and helps provide the support you need to carry heavy packs around the high country. It comes in sizes S — 3XL to fit a wide range of foot sizes.

MSRP — $40 |


Trophy Taker® Smackdown Pro Click™

The Smackdown Pro Click from Trophy Taker uses click-adjustable dials to fine-tune windage and elevation. This limb-driven rest offers positive launcher movement; a rubber, over-molded steel-containment ring; and a fleece-covered launcher.

MSRP — $179 |


TightSpot® 7-Arrow Quiver

TightSpot now has an ultra-compact and lightweight (10 oz.) 7-Arrow Quiver ($167.95) to go along with their popular 3 and 5-arrow versions. It features a longer mounting bracket with 1" forward/backward adjustment to provide clearance for almost every accessorized bow setup imaginable, and a redesigned optional bracket, which is lighter and more adjustable than the previous model.

MSRP — $167.95 |


Genesis® Archery Gen-X™

Genesis Archery's Gen-X is the next step for older children currently shooting the Genesis bow, and it is also a great entry-level bow for adults. The non-modular Gen-X is the only compound of its kind to feature "Progressive Let-Off™" Technology. The draw-weight range is 25 lbs. to 40 lbs., and it has a universal draw length, so it will fit virtually everyone.

MSRP — $199, bow only/$299, accessorized |


Scott Archery® Talon™

Scott Archery's Talon is an open-hook, index-finger release. A big selling point of the Talon the single-sear driven, inline design of its 360-degree rotating head, which reduces D-loop torque while also providing exceptional clearance. It has an incredibly wide range of tension adjustment for its zero-creep trigger, as well as nine-position adjustment on the anodized aluminum-alloy barrel to fit all shooting styles and hand sizes.

MSRP — $149.99 |


BLOCK® Targets BLOCK 6X6™

BLOCK Targets new BLOCK 6X6 is an 18"x18"x16" camp target with six shootable sides for maximum target life. Target images on the 6X6 include the original five-spot, the four of diamonds, BLOCK Hexagon and BLOCK vitals on the sides, multiple spots on the top, and molded in postholes on the bottom. It weighs 14.75 lbs., and stops both fieldpoints and broadheads.

MSRP — $99.99 |


Fuse Archery® Carbon Torch FX™

Fuse Carbon Torch FX stabilizers are designed and balanced to hold pins steady and on target for tighter groups. Carbon-tube construction reduces weight where it's not needed without sacrificing strength, and custom rubber front dampeners and Stealth Disc and Stealth Flex technology eliminate noise and vibration. They're available in 6", 8", and 10" lengths.

MSRP — $69.99, 6"/$79.99, 8"/$89.99, 10" |


Bohning® Heat Vane™

Bohning's Heat Vane was created to address the clearance problems shooters were experiencing as a result of cables and risers moving closer to the center on a lot of today's bows. Heat Vanes are 2.5"L x 0.41"H and weigh 6 grains. The material used in its construction holds up well to abuse and long-distance shots, and Heat Vanes work great with any broadhead type.

MSRP — $13.75, 36-pack/$28.35, 100-pack/$217.76, 1,000-pack |



The Nikon MONARCH HG is built on a frame of lightweight die-cast magnesium alloy, with rubberized panels for a sure grip. The brand-new Field Flattener Lens System™ works in combination with the impressive wide field of view — 435'@1,000 yards (8x42), 362'@1,000 (10x42) — for sharp viewing from edge to edge. The multi-coated ED Glass and phase correction-coated prisms provide superior resolution and contrast. The objective and eyepiece lenses also have a scratch-resistant coating. Waterproof and fogproof, the MONARCH HG has turn-and-slide eyecups, a wider Interpupillary Distance Adjustment (56mm-74mm), and a locking diopter control to maintain your personal setting.

MSRP — 8x42, $979.95/10x42, $999.95 |


Browning® Hell's Canyon® Proximity™ Jacket

The Browning Proximity Jacket is perfect for backcountry bowhunts for elk, or early season treestand hunts for whitetails (and everything in between). This highly rain-resistant top is constructed of a three-layer, 86% polyster/14% Spandex fabric treated with DWR. A Pre-Vent membrane and ADDVANCED SCENT CONTROL technology helps you get closer to game undetected. It has a comfortable fit that allows for better freedom of movement, and treestand hunters will love the integrated Harness Access. Other notables include two zip chest pockets, handwarmer pockets, internal drop pockets, and a drawcord hem. It's available in men's sizes S — 3XL.

MSRP — $189.99 |


Montana Decoy® Fanatic XL™

The Montana Decoy Fanatic XL is a 2-D turkey decoy that was built larger to better hide your movements when putting the sneak on gobblers. It comes with a Turkey Foot Reaping Base that allows the decoy to stand on its own, without worry of it falling over when you are preparing to take the shot. The dual-purpose leg pole is designed as a handle, and the mesh viewing window enables you to keep an eye on toms without getting busted as you close the distance on them. The decoy and Reaping Base fit comfortably in your vest.

MSRP — $79.99 |


Dead Down Wind® Natural Woods™ 3D+ Laundry Detergent & Field Sprays

Dead Down Wind has released the Natural Woods lineup of products, which includes 3D+ Laundry Detergent and Field Sprays to provide a system for scent elimination. Through the use of powerful enzymes, DDW's Natural Woods products work to eliminate deer-alarming odors, while also soothing deer with the smell of the natural fall woods.

MSRP — Prices Vary |


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