7 Release Aids That Will Tighten Your Preseason Groups

7 Release Aids That Will Tighten Your Preseason Groups

If you ever get the chance to chat with a talented target archer, ask him or her about release choice. It's likely you'll get far more information than you bargained for. This is because target archers sole goal with their passion is to become more accurate with every shot.

Bowhunters, well, they're different. They often agonize over bow choice, arrow weight, fletching choice, etc. What they don't fret about is their release.

Often, they buy whatever is in their price range. If all of your shots are whitetail-range close and you're not too picky, you can get away with a lackadaisical approach to releases — but why would you? And if you travel out west or like to stretch well beyond 20 or 30 yards on your shots, it's necessary to get serious about which release you choose.

This is simply because accuracy is one of the things you can control to a large extent. The weather is out of your hands, as is deer movement, and someone bumbling into your setup while they take pot-shots at squirrels. How well you can shoot is in your command, and an asset to shooting better is a release that fits perfectly (and doesn't change how it fits at any time), offers the perfect amount of trigger tension, and is just the right amount of crisp trigger-wise.

If you've taken release aids for granted, or are simply looking to improve your odds of perforating lungs two at a time, consider the following seven choices.

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