Arrow Building Done Easy

Arrow Building Done Easy

Four years ago my wife gave birth to twin girls. Suffice it to say, plenty of things in my life changed at that moment. What I didn't see coming, despite warnings from nearly everyone I know who had already reproduced, is that an awful lot of the little things I take for granted would suddenly disappear.

Free time is a perfect example. It's not so much that I lost my hunting time, although some of it slipped away. What happened instead was a free-time version of 'death by 1000 paper cuts.' An hour here, two hours there. The times when I'd sneak outside to shoot a few dozen target shots, or as I'd come to find out, arrow building opportunities suddenly became much more difficult to come by.

I use to take my time cutting each dozen to length and then painstakingly squaring each end to as close to perfection as I could get. Then it would be time to wrap them, and then carefully fletch them. The whole process for a dozen probably took a couple of hours.

Building arrows is a time-consuming and equipment-intensive endeavor.

These days, I need to shave as much time off of that process as possible but I still want arrows that are closely matched and put together well enough to shoot similarly to one another. Nothing messes with a bowhunter quite as much as arrows that won't shoot like one another. This problem is evident with field points, but becomes glaring when it comes time to shoot broadheads.

There are options for the time-strapped, or the equipment-less crowd. Vane manufacturers have done a good job of creating wrap/vane combo kits that involve a boiling pot of water and very little time. These have changed DIY fletching for plenty of people but those products don't address cutting arrows to length or gluing in inserts.

If you don't want to visit a pro shop to address those needs, you've really only got one option - Beman White Box arrows. They are good-to-go right out of the box from bow to stern, and while that is certainly much appreciated, there is an unseen benefit there.

If you don't have the time or means to build arrows, consider an alternative like Beman White Box arrows.

Let's say you're halfway through the season and have had an epic meltdown shooting-wise and your once-full quiver is now empty. I've been there a few times, with the most recent involving a flock of fall longbeards and the kind of shooting that would get me kicked out of most archery clubs in an instant.

Buying new arrows during the season means you're going to run into consistency issues if you start mixing new with the old. This is due to different batches and a host of other seemingly trivial differences. White Box arrows, on the other hand, promise to be dang close to every other White Box arrow you can buy. Do you see where I'm going with this?

So if you find yourself in need of new ammo and short on time, whether that's due to a demanding work schedule or an ultrasound that reveals more heartbeats than expected, you've now got an option for easy arrows that'll shoot the way you want.

Beman White Box arrows are sold fully assembled, matched and ready to shoot.

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