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Bows in the Movies: Our Favorite Archery Characters

Bows in the Movies: Our Favorite Archery Characters

There's always that one special bowhunter we all looked up to as a kid, whether it was a family member or a close friend. Many, however, owe their love of archery to a fictional character, one whose bravado and skills with a bow in hand made the sport all the more enticing — and if we could shake their hands, surely we would.

And the trend continues today, with movies like The Hunger Games and The Avengers introducing a whole new generation to archery and bowhunting — and in some cases, the stars themselves come out in support of hunting. Maybe they're not your cup of tea, but you can't help but admit these movie characters are doing archery and bowhunting a big favor when they prompt a kid to turn to his dad and say, "I want to do that!"

So in honor of all the silver-screen stories that inspired us, here are eight of our favorite movie archers of all time.

3Rivers Archery Tomahawk Legacy Foam Core Limbs

Equip your 3Rivers Archery Tomahawk Legacy Series longbow with the company's new Tomahawk Legacy Foam Core Limbs, or buy this bow with the new limbs for $939.99. At the heart of the Foam Core Limbs is unidirectional carbon surrounded by syntactic foam, resulting in a longbow that's smooth to shoot and resistant to the weather. Every Tomahawk bow has Gordon's clear Bow-Tuff fiberglass plus phenolic tip overlays and Fast Flight Flemish twist strings. They're available in lengths of 62 ', 64 ' and 66 ', and in draw weights of 40 to 70 lbs. (5-lb. increments) at a 28 ' draw.

Ameristep Switch

The Ameristep Switch ground blind has a lightweight aluminum frame and pushbutton legs that allow interior height adjustments from 60 ' — 88 '. You can adjust individual frame legs for maximum customization on uneven ground. Once the frame is in place, slide on the weather-resistant Realtree AP outer shell and you're ready to hunt at eye level. You can add one of three optional camo covers — Realtree APG, MAX-1, and MAX-4 — to help you blend in no matter where you are hunting or when. It weighs 25-lbs., measures 59 ' square, and comes with a backpack-style carrying case. Price: $299.99

Rinehart Targets Zombie

The Rinehart Zombie target is a fun arrow stopper for both kids and adults alike. It looks delightfully creepy and stops arrows tipped with both fieldpoints and broadheads. Arrow removal is easy, even for youngsters. Rinehart also offers a host of exotic targets ranging from cobras to dinosaurs, as well as a long list of big and small game animals. Price: $100

Bohning Archery Stretch Fletch

The Bohning Stretch Fletch allows you to quickly fletch your arrows without a jig. It consists of a 2 7/8 ' molded sleeve that contains three, three-degree helical-Blazer Vanes. Slide the sleeve over your standard-sized carbon shaft, and lock it into place with a dab of adhesive (included). Five colors are available. Price: $19/half-dozen

Bushnell Footwear Stalk Hi

The Bushnell Stalk Hi boots, with 400-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, are available in sizes 7-13 in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. They weigh 2.8 lbs. and are 9 ' high. ScentMask Odor Elimination disguises your entrance and exit to your hunting area. The Dual Density Heel Cushioning is comfortable and the HydroGuard keeps moisture out. Other features include a TPU Brush Guard, Anti Slip Sole Plate, and a Heat Zone Removable Insole System. Price: $129

Cabela's Diamantina Merino Wool Jacket

Cabela's Diamantina Merino Wool Jacket is warm, quiet, and very comfortable. The tightly packed wool fibers can hold up to 30 percent of their weight in moisture without feeling damp. A shock-cord waist aids in trapping in heat. The jacket is available in Cabela's Outfitter Camo and features a zippered front, two zippered pockets, and one zippered chest pocket. Price: $199.99

Bushnell Scout DX 1000 Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell Scout DX 1000 Laser Rangefinder gives you accurate distance readings from 5 — 1,000 yards. If the object you're ranging is within 125 yards, yardage is displayed in 1/10-yard increments. Angle Range Compensation (ARC) Technology tells the true shot distance no matter how steep the terrain. It has three modes of operation — Scan, Bullseye, and Brush. It's waterproof and functions as a 6X optic. Price: $300, Black/$320, Camo

Easton Aftermath

Easton's Aftermath arrows are micro-diameter shafts constructed of high-strength, multilayer carbon. The Aftermath has an ultra-smooth finish, Easton RPS Inserts, and orange H Nocks. Aftermaths are available in spines ranging from 500 — 300, and weights from 7.3 — 10.2 gpi. Price: $45/half-dozen

GamePlan Gear BaseCamp Travel System

The BaseCamp Travel System from GamePlan organizes and transports your hunting clothes with no worry of contamination from outside odors. It consists of a PVC-sealed duffle and four PVC-sealed Cubes. Use the large Cube for your jacket and pants, the two medium ones for baselayers or a day's change of clothes, and the small one for items like socks, T-shirts, facemask and gloves. The duffle has a drop-bottom compartment for your boots and safety harness, a pullout mat to stand on when changing in the field, and multiple exterior pockets. Price: $159.99, 4-piece Cube Set/$39.99, 3-piece Accessory Cube Set

Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30

As one of three bows in Hoyt's all-new Carbon Spyder Series, the Carbon Spyder 30 is the company's first-ever 30 ' bow. Equally at home in a treestand or ground blind, the 3.6-lb. Carbon Spyder 30 has a 6¾ ' brace height and is capable of speeds up to 332 fps. The hollow carbon tubes used in its construction flex less than aluminum, are warm to the touch, and help reduce vibration and noise. The Z5™ Cam & ½™ is Hoyt's most advanced cam system to date. It's available in draw lengths of 24 ' — 30 ' and peak draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80 lbs. Price: $1,499

Hunter Safety System Elite All-Season Vest

The HSS Elite All-Season Vest is a safety harness that looks and wears like an article of clothing. Outside is a lightweight shell that's quiet and weather resistant. The Elite's rear features stretchable Right-Fit material to keep it snug no matter your size, and the shoulders have a unique no-slip silicone print for backpacks and slings. The vest is lined with Comfort Cool fabric that wicks moisture away from a warm body, and the exclusive Six-Plus-Two pocket design provides ample storage. It weighs less than 3 lbs. Price: $159.99

IQ Micro Bowsight

The IQ Micro Bowsight has a micro-adjust control for greater accuracy and precision. It has the company's Retina Lock Technology, which is a small optical device located in the top of the sight's housing. As you aim you make sure a dot is aligned correctly before taking the shot. If the dot is not aligned, you are torqueing your bow's grip. The IQ Micro is available with three, five, or seven .019 ' pins. No batteries required so it's Pope and Young legal. Price: $149.99 — $169.99

Knight & Hale Da' Bone

The Knight & Hale Da' Bone grunt call looks like an antler, and the soft, pliable material used in its construction won't make noise should it come in contact with metal or hard-plastic objects. This exhale-only call emits the deep tones of an older buck with lots of volume for calling long distance or on windy days. Price: $19.99

Mathews Creed XS

The Mathews Creed XS, at 28 ' axle to axle, is a shorter version of the original Creed with a more compact profile than its predecessor. Powered by the SimPlex Single Cam, it has a very smooth draw cycle and a rock-solid back wall for more consistent accuracy. Brace height is 7½ ', letoff is 80%, and it is capable of speeds up to 321 fps. It's available in draw weights of 50 lbs. — 70 lbs. and draw lengths of 26 ' — 30 ' (half sizes from 26½ ' — 29½ '). The Creed XS is offered in Lost Camo, Black, Black Tactical, Desert Tactical, and Black Crimson finishes. Price: $999

Octane Double Droptine Rest

The Octane Double Droptine rest quietly drops at the right time, every time. The launcher arm's deep containment channel keeps your arrow securely in place at all times. A cable clamp is used to attach the actuator cord to the downward-moving buss cable rather than tying or serving the cord on. The Double Droptine is very compact and simple to set up. Price: $69.99

Ozonics HR-200 Treestand/Blind

Change the way you bowhunt with the Ozonics HR-200 Treestand/Blind in-the-field ozone generator. It mounts above you when in a tree, or to the roof rods of your ground blind. The silent-touch buttons allow you to switch from Boost Mode (treestand) to Standard Mode (blinds), check battery level, and turn on the green utility lights quietly. It's powered by a 12V rechargeable battery (included along with charger), which gives you a constant run time of 5 hours in Standard Mode and 4 hours in Boost Mode. For longer use, Ozonics now offers an Extended Life battery ($149.99) that lasts for 8 hours in treestand mode and 10 hours in blind mode. Price: $450

Rage Hypodermic

Rage Hypodermic mechanical broadheads have .035 '-thick stainless steel blades, a full 2 ' cutting diameter, and a chisel tip for blasting through bone. These 100-grain heads are available for either standard inserts and arrow diameters or the Deep Six components found on Easton's Injexion shafts. Price: $50/3 pack

Robinson Outdoor Products Alpha Pro Fleece Jacket And Pants

Robinson's Alpha Pro Fleece Jacket and Pants are highlighted by Trinity Technology, which reduces overall weight and bulk while adsorbing 40% more odor than activated carbon and 200% more than zeolite. The Jacket has a slit in the back for your safety harness; an offset zipper in the front; Quick Cinch fit system at the chest; two upper and two lower pockets; and Gearpendent Technology on the chest to keep rangefinders, grunt tubes, small binos, and wind checkers within reach. The Pants have an adjustable high-back waist, five pockets, articulated knees, and 20 ' leg zippers. Both are DWR treated for maximum water repellency and are offered in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and Realtree Xtra. Price: $259.99, Jacket/$229.99, Pants

Scent-Lok Alpha Tech Jacket And Pants

You can't go wrong with Scent-Lok's Alpha Tech Jacket and Pants. Non-slip textured shoulders and elbows keep packs and slings tight and protect the elbows from wear. The inner Kangaroo pocket provides ample room for gear and keeps hands dry. A zippered pocket keeps moisture out, and it's a great place for your cell phone or wallet. This outfit features Scent-Lok's Carbon Alloy technology. Price: $229.99, Jacket/$199.99, Pants

Spot-Hogg Spark

The Spot-Hogg Spark is a scope for your sight that includes a 1¾ ' housing and an anti-scratch, anti-reflective lens with the magnification of your choice — 0X, 2X, 4X, and 6X. Most significant is the lighted reticle and the options there are Crosshair, Duplex Crosshair, Hoop, Large Dot (.044 ') or Small Dot (.022 '). Reticle brightness is adjustable to your preference, and they are available in blue, green, red, and white. Price: $200

Summit Mini Viper SD

The Summit Mini Viper SD climbing stand was made specifically for those hunters who are smaller in stature or who don't need a lot of room. The solid front bar and RapidClimb stirrups of this quiet sit-and-climb-style stand aid in quick, safe climbing. The QuickDraw cable retention system allows you to attach it to the tree without fumbling with knobs or pins. The platform measures 20 'W x 32 'L and it weighs 18 lbs. Price: $259.99

ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

Keep your feet toasty with ThermaCELL Heated Insoles. A wireless remote, with a range of 7', lets you control the temperature from no heat to medium (100 degrees F.) to high (111 degrees F.). Lightweight lithium-ion batteries embedded in the Insoles provide up to five hours of continuous warmth and last longer when used in intervals. The batteries can be recharged up to 500 times. Heated Insoles are water resistant and cushioned, and they are customizable to fit any shoe size from a women's 6 to a men's 13. Price: $129.99

Sitka Gear Stormfront Jacket And Pants

Check out Sitka Gear's redesigned Stormfront Jacket and Pants. This dynamic duo sports a rugged, three-layer shell with Gore-Tex laminate. Highlights of the pants include side cargo pockets, full side zips and an internal belt system. The jacket has a foldaway hood and can be worn over several layers. Both are offered in Gore Optifade camo in sizes M-XXL. Price: $599, Jacket/$549, Pants

Burt Coyote Company Lumenok Extinguisher

The Lumenok Extinguisher from Burt Coyote Company is an arrow puller that you can also use to turn off your Lumenok lighted nocks with a simple flip of your wrist. Should your Lumenok battery need service, the Extinguisher has a special notch in the handle for safely removing the nock. It comes with three sets of rubber jaws to fit all popular arrow sizes for pulling them from 3-D targets. Price: $19.95

PSE Full Throttle

The new Full Throttle, which spits out arrows at an astonishing 370 fps, is PSE's fastest bow ever. It's 33¼ ' long with a mass weight of 4.1 lbs. Brace height is 5¼ ' and letoff is 70%. The Full Throttle has a draw-length range of 26½ ' to 30 ', peak weights of 50, 60, 65 and 70 lbs., and is offered in several finishes including Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. Price: $1,099.99

Scott Archery Exxus

Scott Archery's Exxus is the company's first thumb-button release. This three-finger release has a tapered handle and even weight distribution to keep you properly in line. The multi-sear internal mechanism gives you a crisp feel, and sound-dampeners guarantee quiet operation. Trigger tension and travel are fully adjustable, as is the trigger arm with fully rotational trigger barrel. It has an interchangeable spring system, and all internal components have an anti-wear/anti-friction titanium coating. Price: $230

Zeiss Terra ED

Zeiss' Terra ED binoculars, available in 8x42 and 10x42, combine SCHOTT ED glass with Zeiss MC coating for crisp, clear images even in lowlight conditions. Both models have a 5.2' close focus and a wide-angled field of view. The large focusing wheel promises ease-of-handling and an optimum grip. The eyecups are slightly slanted to better guarantee observational comfort. A lightweight housing protects the quality ED lens system. Price: $388 — $444

Trophy Ridge React

The Trophy Ridge React bowsight uses Smart Pin technology to allow you to automatically sight-in your bow out to 60 yards simply by first dialing-in the 20 and 30-yard pins with the tool-less adjustment knob. Ballistix copolymer used in its construction has the strength of aluminum but is 25% lighter. It comes with multiple mounting holes, a reversible mounting bracket, a sight level, a rheostat light, and it can be micro-adjusted. The React is a five-pin sight with .019 ' fiber-optic pins. Price: $159

Tink's Hot Shot

Draw game in from longer distances with Tink's Hot Shot spray lure attractants. Hot Shot sprays have an internal bag that keeps the scent from mixing with the compressed air propellant, so all that is released is 100% pure lure in a super-fine mist form. It operates silently and can be sprayed upside down. The Hot Shot line includes Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut, #1 Doe-P, #69-X (synthetic), Trophy Buck, Power Buck, Glazed Donuts (bears), Power Moose, Predator Mist, and Sweet Weed. Price: $12.99

Tribe Archery

Tribe Archery makes a handful of great hunting bows — for adults and youth. Their Game Hunter youth bows are for young shooters who hunger for adventure. Designed specifically for youth shooters, Tribe Archery's Game Hunter series offers an authentic experience and superior performance.

This sleek youth bow combines vibrant, bold colors with state-of-the-art engineering that packs a punch. Like all Tribe Archery bows, the Game Hunter series is built with the sole purpose of more accurately delivering arrows to their target. The advanced composite offers a quicker snapback to pack more power into each shot.

Available as recurve, longbow, and compound, all Game Hunter bows are inherently customizable. With just one riser, these ambidextrous bows can be transformed from a recurve into a longbow or a compound. This is a serious bow for youth shooters who are serious about their passion — archery.

Remington Heritage Model 700 Knife

Born of America's most trusted bolt-action sporting rifle, the Heritage Model 700 Series knives are hand-crafted from the same American walnut wood used on Remington Model 700 stocks. Offering ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, each Model 700 Series knife features the traditional Remington trademark laser-etched on the main blade, Remington/UMC — Made in the USA tang stamp, and Remington Model number stamped on the opposite side of the tang. The Remington Signature "R" is laser-etched into every knife, utilizing the same checkering pattern seen on its iconic familial counterpart. 100 percent made in the USA.

Price: $80

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