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Best New Bowsights

Best New Bowsights

Shot placement is only as good as your aim, so always aim your best with the bowsight best for you.

Bowhunters who demand extremely accurate sights will be pleased with the new offerings for 2009. Many sights come with some type of cage or housing that protects the fiber optics from breakage. Several companies are making sights that can be customized; if you want a red fiber-optic pin instead of a green one, for example, you can change the fibers quite easily. In a nutshell, the following bowsights are more hunter-friendly than ever before.


Apex Gear

On the new Axim Series, micro stainless steel tubes protect the fibers, and the dual-end fiber design allows more light in, increasing overall pin brightness. Everything on the sight is adjustable, including the level. An ultra-fine click knob yields quick windage adjustments, and a reversible bracket permits greater vertical adjustment. The sight has a glow-in-the-dark outer ring, a 1.8" aperture, and a micro pushbutton light. The Axim accepts a scope lens. The four-pin version ($120) is available with .010", .019", or .029" pins; the six-pin model with .010" or .019" pins. Apex Gear, (972) 774-0300,


Axcel Sights

The new Armortech-HD ($205) is a hunting sight with the micro adjustments of a target sight. Each fiber (.010" or .019") is protected inside surgical steel tubing, and each micro-adjusts by backing out a set screw and turning a knob. The sight offers tool-less gang windage and elevation adjustments in 0.00156" increments. The inside diameter of the scope is shaped like an hourglass, providing a circular sight picture even when viewed slightly off-center. Universal for right and left-handed shooters, the sight accepts lenses of 0X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, or 8X. Axcel Sights, (434) 929-2800,

Axion Archery

The new Simplex Loc ($109) has a quick-detach mechanism called the Spider Claw that allows you to remove the sight from the bow with the click of a button. To reattach the Spider Claw, simply snap it into place; no adjustments are needed. A variety of heads from three to seven-pins are available. Green, amber, and red fiber-optic pins come in .010" and .020" diameters. The sight has a large 1 3/4" aperture and is left-hand adaptable. A blue light improves visibility in low-light conditions. Axion Archery, (330) 343-0900,

Black Gold

The new AMP ($109), a high-end sight with a budget price tag, comes with three or four metal microdot pins that reside in a microgroove to protect the fibers from damage. A sight "window" on top exposes the fibers directly to light, making the pins extra bright. The 1.65" diameter pin guard has a white outline to aid in peep sight alignment. The sight has calibrated horizontal and vertical gang adjustments. Construction of 6061 aircraft aluminum ensures durability. A screw-in light can be bought separately. Black Gold Sights, (406) 388-9060,


The Boomslang Plus 6 ($100) is the perfect sight for bowhunters looking to spend every minute of daylight in the treestand. The sight comes with six super-bright, .019" all-metal pins that collectively have over 6' of fiber protected by a durable clear housing. The sight has a 2" aperture with a glo-orange ring for quick target acquisition, plus an extra-large bubble level to aid in making steep-angled shots. A rheostat light is available to make the pins even brighter. Cobra Archery, 1-800-352-6272,

Copper John

The Soloshot III ($147) uses a new .029" fiber-optic material called Iron Clad fiber that is stronger and more flexible than previous fibers. Best of all, you can change pin fibers in less than 60 seconds simply by sliding a new fiber through a high-durometer sleeve. The sight has a 2.29" diameter, bright-orange pin guard for easy peep alignment. Copper John's Shock Tek Technology, a polyurethane coating, helps eliminate noise and vibration. Speed Gap Technology employs multiple pin tracks and lengths for adequate spacing on the fastest of bows. The sight is available with three or five pins. Copper John, (315) 258-9269,

Custom Bow Equipment

Custom Bow Equipment (CBE), a division of Scott Archery, has a line of sights that includes the Sniper Pro 4-pin ($179). This sight comes with three mounting holes for a wide range of vertical adjustments, a micro-adjust windage unit for pinpoint accuracy, and a light for extreme brightness. The sight is made of black-anodized 6061 aluminum. It weighs 4.8 oz. and comes with four ultra-fine steel pins and fiber options of .010", .019", or .029". Custom Bow Equipment, (606) 663-2734,

Extreme Archery

For 2009, Extreme Archery has teamed up with hunting personality Michael Waddell on the Bone Collector Series of sights. The Bone Collector 1400 ($180) has five full-capture pins with extended fiber optics for superior brightness. The pins are available in .010", .019", or .029" diameters. The sight has micro-adjustments for windage and elevation. The 2nd axis adjustment and pins are on the same plane for best performance. A 2" sight window provides a generous field of view. The sight accepts Extreme Archery lenses in 2X, 3X, 4X, and 6X magnification. Extreme Archery Products, (606) 928-9447,

Fuse Archery

The new Maxxis ($135) comes in three-pin and five-pin versions with either .019" or .029" pins. Shock Rod Technology, a dampening system found only on Fuse accessories, destroys noise and vibration. Each metal pin contains 12" of fiber optic -- encased in the sight's housing -- for brightness. The sight offers 2nd and 3rd axis leveling capabilities, and it comes with a precision dovetail system for easy adjustment in the field. Fuse Accessories, (801) 363-2990,

G5 Outdoors

The Optix XR2 ($209) is a simple yet versatile new two-pin sight. The top pin is a G5 Smart Pin that you sight-in for a precise distance. The second pin is a floating pin that can be adjusted with a dial on the side from the top pin down to the bottom of the housing, allowing you to set the pin quickly for any yardage. The XR2 comes with many other features including a built-in damper, a built-in visor, an arrow bumper, 3rd axis tuning, a bubble level, and 3X micro-adjustments. This corrosion-resistant sight, weighing 6 oz., is available with .019" or .029" pins. G5 Outdoors, 1-866-456-8836,

HHA Sports

The new Brushfire Xtreme ($80) has five extra-bright, aluminum A.R.M.O.R. pins that won't break, bend, or warp, and the 18" of fiber in each micro-adjustable pin is protected in a clear, hard spool that exposes the fiber to sunlight. The Brushfire Xtreme has knobs for easy, quick tool-less elevation and windage adjust

ments. The sight can be equipped with HHA's Blue Burst light for added brightness. HHA Sports, 1-800-548-7812,

Hind Sight

The PathFinder ($195) is a unique new "dual roving sight" that combines this innovative company's patented peep-eliminating Circle Alignment Technology with a TruGlo fiber-optic front sight. This single-pin sight (green, .029" diameter pin) features a range drum for multiple distance settings and a unique design that allows the front and rear sights to move in unison during range adjustment -- even at full draw. Move the windlass to adjust for various ranges, and the pin guard and rear sight ring will remain in line and ready for the shot.

The sight is CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum, comes in anodized-black finish, and is available in either right or left-handed models. The sight also features a bubble level and Ultra Violet LED light. Hind Sight, Inc., (734) 878-2842,

Impact Archery

Impact Archery's Flex 5 ($60) is a new five-pin sight designed to take abuse. At the heart of the sight is Impact's extra tough, .020" Flex Pins, which gather light with up to 2.5' of fiber. The name Flex comes from the fact that the sight is flexible. You can add or remove pins -- up to seven pins -- and one model can be used for left and right-handed shooters. The Flex has dovetail windage and elevation adjustments for accuracy, and the 1.75" aperture makes finding the pins easy. Impact Archery, (770) 521-9173,


The new Prism-Lite ($99) uses a unique light-collection technology said to load ambient light into the sight's fiber-optic material to intensify pin brightness any time of day. The Prism-Lite comes with either .019" or .029" Thin Pins and can be purchased as a three or five-pin sight. The sight has a 2" sight ring, extra-large leveling bubble, and a nonreflective sight housing. LimbSaver, 1-877-257-2761,

Octane Archery

A division of BowTech, Octane has a new five-pin sight called the NXS ($169) that is packed full of features, such as 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, micro windage and elevation adjustments, and a two-way track system that yields zero pin gap for ultra-fast bows. The fiber is protected in the housing and routed to a directional light-focusing element so the pins are always bright. The NXS comes with a magnetic, removable, three-way light cover. If the sight is in direct sunlight and the pins are too bright, the cover will dull the bright pins. Octane Archery, 1-877-447-0293,

PSE Archery

The new Eclipse Pro Hunter ($199) has a one-piece machined housing that can take a beating and stay dead-on. Micro-adjust windage and elevation, plus an extendable target beam to increase overall length of the sight, ensure pinpoint accuracy. The sight has a small level bubble that is easy to see. The five sight pins are made of.019" fiber optics. The sight will accept a 2" lens. PSE Archery, (520) 884-9065,

Schaffer Archery

Schaffer Archery offers a bowhunter-friendly sight called the Opposition ($180). Most notably, the Opposition has pins coming in from both sides of the sight window -- two on each side. This arrangement makes it easy to see each individual pin, and it allows you to achieve zero pin gap. The .029" fiber-optic pins are encased in stainless steel and Teflon to protect them from breakage. Using the Pivot Lock attachment, you can quickly attach/detach the sight from the riser. The Opposition has windage and elevation adjustments and is available with four or eight pins. An integrated light is sold separately. Schaffer Performance Archery, (952) 894-6169,


The new Boss Hogg ($245) comes in one, three, five, and seven-pin models and has micro-adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis horizontal and vertical adjustments in addition to windage and elevation adjustments that require no tools. An easy-to-read yardage knob makes fine-tuning at the moment of truth a breeze. The rear sight adjustment enables you to monitor settings at full draw. The pin guard has a white ring for quick peep sight alignment. Construction of 6061 aircraft aluminum with very tight tolerances ensures no wiggle or buzz after the shot. Spot-Hogg, (541) 995-3702,


The Hot Dot F.O.X. (Fiber Optic Xtreme) ($105) has five independently adjustable metal pins encased within the housing. Each .029" pin has 6.75" of FitzFiber, said to be the brightest in the industry. What sets this sight apart from all others is that the pins reflect onto a polycarbonate lens, the same material used in safety glasses. The lens has a special coating that picks up red wavelengths so the dots are extremely bright. Only the dots are seen, creating a greater field of view. The pins are micro-adjustable, and the sight also has 3rd axis leveling. For low-light conditions, an LED light is available. The housing is made from high-strength nylon, similar to Summit's Rapid Climb stirrups, which are extremely lightweight and durable. Summit Treestands, (256) 353-0634,


The QC Max ($205) is a high-end hunting sight with 2.5" of vertical slide action that makes adjusting the sight up and down a piece of cake. Quick-change modules pop in and out in a snap, making it super easy to change the pins and fibers. The pins can be individually or gang adjusted. The .0015" micro-windage adjustment takes accuracy to a new level. The sight comes with a dual-track system for close pin gaps. Like all Sure-Loc sights, the QC Max has a solid-lock feature, which ensures that settings remain locked in place without fail. Sure-Loc, (812) 689-9926,


For 2009, Toxonics has introduced Solotrak pins on many of its sights. The single row of overlapping, snag-proof, steel pins provides a straight row of aligned pins adjustable to zero pin gap. The Solotrak pins, available in diameters from .010" to .029", can be mixed and matched. The Solotrak SP Series ($90) has a built-in leveling bubble and integrated pin guard made of 6061 aircraft aluminum. The sight comes with 1st and 3rd axis leveling adjustments that are engineered into the unit and preset to the extension bar at the factory. The SP Series can be purchased with a dovetail bar extension. Toxonics, (573) 436-5130,

Trophy RidgeThe new Micro Alpha V5 ($180) has many features bowhunters will enjoy, like the metal-injected vertical in-line pins that are super slim for superior visibility and strength. Each pin comes with 18" of .019" fiber to ensure maximum brightness. Each fiber runs through an individual channel that protects against snagging or breakage in the field. With a hex wrench, each pin can be adjusted individually without having to loosen and tighten set screws, potentially knocking all of the pins out of adjustment. Other features include a bright level with 3rd axis adjustability, and a patented contrast glo-ring for quick peep alignment. Trophy Ridge, (812) 467-1200,


The new Tru-Site Super Slam ($99) was inspired by Chuck Adams. The five bright pins are encased in stainless steel tubing for protection, and a detachable bracket facilitates quick on and off. The sight has ultra-fine click adjustments for windage and elevation and

three sets of reference markings for windage, elevation, and pin adjustment.

A one-piece head reduces noise and vibration, and the tool-less design makes for easy adjustment. Other features include an adjustable level and a reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustment. Like all TruGlo sights, the large pin guard has a glow-in-the-dark ring for quick pin acquisition in low light. TruGlo, Inc., (972) 774-0300,

Viper Archery

The MicroTune 1750 ($250) is another great example of a target-style sight for bowhunters. The sight comes with a single-pin Viper scope complete with a 2X, 3X, 4X, or 6X lens. It has separate microtune windage, elevation, and 3rd axis adjustments, as well as a 6" dovetail extension and mounting block with a super-strong dovetail knob locking system. The oversized level is easy to see, and a built-in harmonic damper destroys vibration. It is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum for strength and reliability in the field. Viper Archery, (740) 894-6100,

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